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Swastikas Or Not, Security For U.S. Jews Is Assured

Special To The Jewish Week

Nothing endures like change.

— Heraclitus


The Anti-Defamation League announced this summer that the painting of a swastika — a symbol of anti-Jewish expression if there ever was one — would no longer automatically be considered an act of anti-Semitism.

What? The swastika? Not anti-Semitism?! In fact, many analysts of anti-Semitism have been making this point for years.

Ending the Jewish Construction Freeze was Right

Special to the Jewish Week

Under relentless pressure by the Obama administration, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed, last November, to a one-sided one-time10-month Jewish construction freeze on the six percent of the West Bank where Jews live.

Since the Oslo accords were signed in 1993, Israel hasn't built a single new settlement and has only built within the settlement borders as of 1993.

Denominational Dialogue: A Success Story

Special to the Jewish Week

We read with great interest Rabbi Naftali Rothenberg's online Opinion piece, "Time To End The Reform-Orthodox Wars "(August 31). Rabbi Rothenberg is reacting to very real and very troubling elements of the reality of modern Jewish life that affect all of us in negative ways.

While understanding the need for bridges to cross the abyss that exist among the pluralities of serious modern Jewish expression, he worries that the depths of antipathy will make this nearly impossible.

Our collective experience would suggest otherwise.

Moving out to the Sukkah – A Reflection on Ethical Consumption

Special to the Jewish Week

Each fall after the High Holidays have passed, the Jewish people move from comfortable homes into impermanent huts in backyards, driveways and on balconies for the festival of Sukkot. By eating and living in these fragile shelters, we train ourselves to temporarily subordinate our gashmiut (materialism) to the value of ruchaniut (spirituality).

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

All Along The Watchtower


Sooner or later, the enemies of the Jewish people become the enemies of the world. Nazism, Soviet communism, radical Islam. All single out the Jews for special obloquy, but eventually the world pays the price. This has led some to call the Jewish people the canary in the coal mine: the canary, with its limited lung capacity, dies to let the miners know there is lethal gas.

But despite everything the Jewish people have survived. Better is the image of the sentinel in the watchtower. We have seen the oncoming enemy and called out in alarm.

Equal Footing

Teaneck, N.J.

It was a pleasure to see the faces of the staff of The Jewish Week in your Shanah Tova greeting page (Sept. 10).

Curious, I counted up the female faces, and found that 21 members of the 40 staff are women. Go for it, Jewish Week. The best to all of you for a productive year.


Moratorium A ‘Win-Win’ For Israel


The editorial in The Jewish Week on the Israel-Palestine negotiations applauds the willingness to compromise of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and warns against the seeming intransigence on the part of Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (“Contrasting Approaches To Talks,” Sept. 17).

Vibrant Conservative Life In Queens


While we are very gratified that The Jewish Week has finally recognized the new vitality of Jewish life in central and northeast Queens, particularly in the Flushing and Kew Gardens Hills areas, we found Hilary Larson’s characterization of non-Orthodox Jewish life in the area to be both misguided and somewhat demeaning (“Magnet In Central Queens,” Neighborhood, July 16).

Reporter’s Bias


Doug Chandler’s report on Pamela Geller (“The Passions And Perils Of Pamela Geller, Sept. 3) tells more about him than it does about her.

His story describes her and her supporters as “right-wing” five times and as “radical” once, while her opponents are described not as left-wing but rather as “progressive,” “moderate” or as “embarrassed conservatives.”


Defends JONAH’s Credibility

Co-directors, JONAH

On behalf of JONAH and for the following reasons, we found Naomi Marks’ letter to the editor (“No Quick Fix For Gays,” Sept. 17), arguing against the credibility of JONAH’s programs, to be totally disingenuous.

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