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Probing Communal Views On Patrilineal Descent

Special To The Jewish Week

Patrilineal descent is an issue that raises strong emotions in many Jewish circles. Some feel adamantly that patrilineal Jews who have been living and identifying as Jews their whole lives should be accepted as Jews by the entire Jewish community. Others feel strongly that the very term “patrilineal Jew” is a misnomer and that individuals are either Jewish according to Jewish law, halacha — that is, that they have a Jewish mother or they have converted — or they are not Jewish. 

Ora Horn Prouser

In Debating Bris Controversy, Know The Medical Facts

Special To The Jewish Week

The debate about ritual circumcision with metzitzah b’peh (direct mouth-to-wound oral suctioning by the mohel) is complex, as it involves halachic, historical, social, medical, technical and potential regulatory components.

Gary A. Gelbfish

God’s Way Of Communicating

Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 6:46 p.m.
Torah: Exodus 35:1- 40:38; Numbers 19:1-22
Haftarah: Ezekiel 36:16-38
Havdalah: 7:46 p.m.    

“Bezalel made the ark… He made two cherubs of gold ... at the two ends of the cover. … The cherubs had their wings spreading out upwards … with their faces turned towards each other…” [Exodus 37:1-9]

Shlomo Riskin

Russell Simmons’ Blind Spot For Bigotry

Special To The Jewish Week

In the battle against racism and anti-Semitism in America, there have always been well-meaning people who, while willing to stand up against hatred and prejudice when they see it directed against others, nonetheless seem to have a blind spot when hatred emanates from within their own community.

Abraham H. Foxman

Later May Be Too Late

AIPAC, Iran and The Golden Calf

This past week, along with over 13,000 other pro-Israel delegates, I attended the AIPAC policy conference. I have been going since my junior year of college when I led a delegation of fellow students. If you have never been, then you should know that it is, hands down, the largest Kiddush you will ever see. Thousands of laypeople, Jewish professionals, clergy, Jews and non-Jews all crammed into the DC Convention Center.

Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove

The Challenge of Offering Moral Rebuke in the Workplace

Jewish Week Online Columnist

At work, we consistently offer positive reinforcement and constructive feedback to others to improve the quality of our collective efforts. From a Jewish perspective, we are not only concerned with the efficacy of our work but also the ethics of the workplace. In addition to personal accountability, all Jewish workers have a sacred duty to be a moral presence as well.

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz is founder and president of Uri L'Tzedek.

What Would Mordechai Do?

At AIPAC, assessing the Obama-Bibi standoff on the eve of Purim.
Editor And Publisher

Washington — The timing this week was hard to ignore. A do-or-die confrontation over Iran between two influential leaders, with the fate of the Jewish people at stake.

I’m not just referring to the Obama-Netanyahu showdown at the White House on when and whether to strike at Tehran’s nuclear sites, but to an encounter centuries ago between Queen Esther and King Ahasveros in ancient Persia — today’s Iran — and her plea that he reverse the wicked Haman’s death sentence for the Jewish population.

Gary Rosenblatt

Houston’s Champions


If sports don’t just build character but reveal it, then the Beren Academy’s wild and improbable ride to a championship high school basketball game in Texas (even if they lost) revealed something extraordinary about that small Houston yeshiva and the American spirit’s admiration and respect for Jews who respect themselves and their Judaism.

Israel’s Impossible Choice


On Tuesday, many of the 14,000 delegates to this year’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference — by far the largest attendance ever — fanned out across Capitol Hill, with more than 500 meetings planned with congressmen and the staffs of all 100 senators. Their message: the U.S. should close ranks with Israel and get tougher with Iran.

Spirit Of Competition


‘The jealousy of scholars increases wisdom.” (Talmud Bava Bathra 21a.)

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