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Poland's Foreign Minister Misspeaks On Restitution

Special to the Jewish Week

By disparaging the US government's support of demands that Poland compensate Jews for property stolen from them during the Holocaust, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski exacerbated the firestorm created by his government's peremptory decision to walk away from long-promised restitution legislation for spurious economic reasons.

Another Kosher Scandal: What's at Stake

Special to the Jewish Week

Yes, once again kosher is not yosher (just)!

Pickles used to be my favorite snack, but now I can't help but think of the workers in a pickle at Flaum Appetizing before taking a bite.

Just a few years ago, Flaum, which also produces Sonny & Joe's and distributes Tnuva and Bodek products, fired seventeen Latino workers who stood up against over a decade of abusive treatment and unlawfully-withheld benefits and overtime pay.

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Jewish Activists Protest UN Appointment Of Iran To Commission On Status Of Women

Special to the Jewish Week

Every year since 1917 the month of March has been dedicated to women around the world.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and since 1946 the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) – the principal global policy-making body that promotes gender equality – convenes during the month to evaluate progress, identify challenges, and formulate concrete policies to further the global advancement of women.

When The Nightmare Returns: Reflections Of A Jerusalem Mom

Special To The Jewish Week

I hear my son's reedy voice on the telephone in the middle of the afternoon.

"Are you sick, in trouble at school," I ask.

"No," he says. "There was a pigua [terrorist attack] here, near Binyanei Hauma [Jerusalem's International Convention Center]. I wanted to tell you that I'm OK."

Reform Taps A Loving Critic


Reform Judaism is the largest of the religious streams, with some 900 synagogues in North America, but it is far from immune from the challenges facing Jewish life in the diaspora.

A position paper drafted last month by the rabbis of the 18 largest congregations and circulating now among their colleagues offers a sober assessment of the social changes in the national Jewish landscape, and a tough critique of the movement’s key organizations.

Caution On Libya


As the bombs and cruise missiles rain down on the strongholds of Libyan dictator Muammar Kaddafy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has maintained an official silence on the latest Middle East crisis.

That silence is smart. Israel may ultimately gain by the anti-authoritarian surge that is now hitting Libya and by the possible removal of the virulently anti-Israel Kaddafy, but there are also risks in a region where the Arab “street” may be just as hostile to the Jewish state as the despots it wants to depose.

What If The Fogels Had Lived In Tel Aviv?

Editor and Publisher

When three Israeli children — one a 3-month-old infant — were stabbed to death in their beds on a recent Friday night in their home, along with their young parents, the world did not seem overly shocked or upset.

“Where is the outrage,” Presidents Conference leader Malcolm Hoenlein asked at a Manhattan memorial service last Thursday. “Where is the indignation?”

Gary Rosenblatt

A Poetry Of Our Own


For junior year abroad I studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Enchanted with English poetry, I wrote a letter to my father telling of my love of Wordsworth, the romantic poets, the wonder and variety of English verse. My father, who was a devotee of literature and my first teacher, wrote back that he was glad I found inspiration and nourishment in them. But then he added something important.

Israel Education


Regarding “Day Schools Need New Israel Ed Approach” (Feb. 18), I was glad to see editor Gary Rosenblatt’s consideration of Alex Pomson’s research on day school students’ attitudes towards Israel and Israel education. Rosenblatt’s conclusion about schools needing to explore new approaches, while undoubtedly correct, is not news. Students today are incredibly savvy and sophisticated in their approach to Israel and Israel advocacy.

Birthright For Middle Schoolers


Our eighth grade recently returned from a transformational two-week Israel trip through our school and with Ramah International. As a head of school (K-8) and Israel trip educator, my dream is to start a new division of Taglit [Birthright Israel] or find a way to start an independent model with Ramah or another trip provider based on the successes we see. Your article “Boost for Birthright Funding” (Jan. 21) is inspiring me to think about liberal Jewish education in the future: it has to be Israel-centered.

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