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Redeeming Us


Bravo, Cynthia Ozick for a very fine article (“Crashing The Seder Story,” March 30). Pesach is in part about redemption, and the article shows a way to redeem us from the nonsense Haggadot and alternate seders that have been proliferating.

Recalling Reubens (As In The Sandwich)


“The Gentrification of the Gefilte” (April 20) makes a passing reference to a Reuben sandwich. I am related to the late Arnold Reuben (grand-uncle and my mom’s uncle), whose fabulous restaurant Reuben’s on East 58th Street off Fifth Avenue catered to the rich and famous.

Quality Time


Great article about kids layning [reading from the Torah] for their bar/bat mitzvah (“Changing Up The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience,” April 20). I am a rebbe here in Israel, and I tutor a lot of kids. I also give bar mitzvah lessons.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Hype


 The role of the bar/bat mitzvah in contemporary Jewish life deserves all the attention Gary Rosenblatt gave it, and more (“Changing Up The Bar And Bat Mitzvah Experience,” April 20). It reminded me of the parent who sends the child to Hebrew school with the warning, “My parents made me go, and you have to go also.”

Finest Essay Yet


I’ve been a reader of The Jewish Week for many years, and I thought Eric Herschthal’s essay, “Are You There God?” (April 13), was the finest the paper has produced. It focused on an all-too-vital and widespread issue that hasn’t been given enough press.

Religion Without God


Eric Herschthal’s question: “Can religion, especially Judaism, work if you don’t believe in God?” ironically and unintentionally puts its finger on exactly the issue (“Are You There, God?” April 13). His article is well written, articulate, rational and totally beside the point.

New Directions In Assault On Israel’s Legitimacy

Special To The Jewish Week

There is an old saying that generals prepare to fight the last war. Those of us engaged in defense against the assault on Israel’s legitimacy cannot afford to fall into this trap. We must accurately assess the evolving strategies and tactics employed by anti-Israel activists who seek to portray the Jewish state as a rogue nation, the 21st-century equivalent of apartheid South Africa, often urging the use of BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) as punishment for Israel’s misdeeds. 

Martin Raffel

A Perfect Firestorm For Anti-Semitism

Special To The Jewish Week

The story of world Jewry covering the past six decades must be defined as one of achievement and recognition. American Jews have achieved extraordinary success and influence, and Israel, despite threats to its existence, has flourished as a democracy, and absorbed and resettled millions of Jews. Yet, as the world marks the 80th anniversary of the rise of Nazism, the status of Jews in the world seems to be seriously eroding.

Steven Windmueller

The Tragedy Of Impossible Pluralism

Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 7:38 p.m.
Torah: Lev. 16:1-20:27
Haftarah: Amos 9:7-15 (Ashkenaz);
Ezekiel 20: 2-20 (Sephard)
Havdalah: 8:41 p.m

Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

Health Risks Of Meat Consumption

Jewish Week Online Columnist


Do you find yourself digging around for that last drop of beef in the Shabbos cholent pot? Dig this: all the beans you’re passing might be the real Shabbos treats!

Rabbi Yanklowitz is founder and president of Uri L'Tzedek, director of Jewish life and senior Jewish educator at UCLA Hillel.
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