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Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 6:53 p.m.
Torah: Leviticus 1:1-5:26; Exodus 12:1-20;
Numbers 28:9-15
Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18
Havdalah: 7:53 p.m.       

Rabbi Neil Fleischmann

So, You Want Your School To Be More Like Camp?

Special To The Jewish Week

‘We should make our school more like camp” has been a popular refrain lately. It is impossible to spend time at a Jewish overnight summer camp and not be moved by the intensity of relationships, depth of spirit, and pure joy that imbues the setting. The off-season is a time for camp memories, keeping up with camp friends, and generally biding one’s time until the next summer.

Jeffrey S. Kress

Airing Israel’s Problems


In light of the intense geopolitical climate in the Middle East and around the world, American Jews across the political spectrum are likely to agree that Israel stands at a crossroads. Israel’s policy choices both at home and abroad inevitably carry a significance likely to be felt for decades to come, and therefore must be undertaken with utmost caution and sensitivity.

Unfair On AIPAC


Why did The Jewish Week allow James Besser to mount a front-page attack against mainstream AIPAC on the eve of its policy conference (“Political, Communal Divisions, Pose Fresh Threats to AIPAC,” March 2)? It is Besser who is sowing the “divisions” by smearing Israel’s center-right government as “hard line” and AIPAC’s American supporters as increasingly “hard line,” “one-issue” and tied to settlers, even though AIPAC is overwhelmingly mainstream and pluralistic. 

Purim Spoof Critic


I am not a subscriber to The Jewish Week, though I have read the paper many times.  I had thought about subscribing and am quite hesitant to do so now. I applaud many of your efforts to force the Jewish community to face some very difficult issues, beginning even as far back as the Baruch Lanner articles. However, I currently have a copy of the Purim issue, and was very disturbed. I had to remove it from the kitchen counter, away from my children. It was neither funny nor appropriate. 

A Theory On Chasidic Behavior


As an Orthodox Jew and with many personal and professional connections to the chasidic community, the litany of scandalous stories emerging almost weekly upsets me much, and has led to analyzing why this is going on when most Torah education is opposed to criminality of any type.

I’d like to propose that the awful stories are all related, and to make them understandable by explaining the mindset that leads to them. This in no way is meant to condone or approve the actions, rather just promoting understanding of how the chasidic mind works.

Beren’s Kiddush Hashem


Much ink has flown over the principled stand the Beren Academy basketball team took in choosing its priorities in the incipient conflict between playing basketball and shmirat Shabbat, or the observance of the Sabbath (“Houston’s Champions” Editorial, March 9).

Spirit Of Competition

Special To The Jewish Week

‘The jealousy of scholars increases wisdom.” (Talmud Bava Bathra 21a.)

The Delicate Landscape Of Israel Education

Editor And Publisher

A decade ago, the field of Israel education didn’t really exist in the United States.

A 2003 study found that when it came to teaching about Modern Israel in schools, camps, synagogues and youth groups, there was no conceptual framework, no standards of practice, no professional development, and educators felt unequipped to handle the material.

Gary Rosenblatt

Missing From Key Media Coverage


There is one central element missing in The New York Times’ steady drumbeat of coverage of late over whether and when Israel would initiate military action against Iran’s nuclear sites.

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