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Spirit Of Competition


‘The jealousy of scholars increases wisdom.” (Talmud Bava Bathra 21a.)

Lucky Dog


I loved your article about Harvey the dog (“Crown Heights Going To The Dogs,” March 2). He is one lovable pooch. If I had a pooch, I would want one like Harvey. Dale is a lucky person to end up with Harvey. If I were around a dog like that, I would be just like those kids.

Unusual Pidyon HaBen


Regarding “New Grandchild, Ancient Ritual” (Editor’s column, March 2) your readers will be interested in learning about an “historic” Pidyon HaBen which took place recently. Eleven new immigrant students from Russia — all first-born sons — were “redeemed” in a moving Pidyon HaBen ceremony held at Boys Town Jerusalem.

Overexposure On The Beach


“Not Your Typical Beach Days” (Feb. 24) details photographer Michal Ronnen Safdie’s interpretation of her subjects, Orthodox women on a Tel Aviv beach. She used her camera to capture what she called “tender, human, often humorous moments shared by these women.”

Anti-AIPAC Tone


I guess The Jewish Week has enlisted in the “legion of critics,” James Besser’s term for the AIPAC opposition (“Political, Communal Divisions Pose Fresh Threat To AIPAC,” March 2). 
His overall anti-AIPAC tone is certainly not surprising. Describing Israel with the term  “occupier” is particularly reprehensible. This is the standard of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions mafia. 

Not Just For Elderly


Your article, “Nursing Home Move Sparks NIMBY Outcry” (Feb. 24), overlooked a crucial fact in documenting the neighborhood’s concerns: Contrary to the widespread myopic assumption that nursing facilities are exclusively for the elderly, it should be emphasized that people of all ages — including children — are consigned to such care.

Parents Share Blame


The District Attorney should consider charging the parents of the infant killed as a result of metzitzah b’peh with involuntary manslaughter  (“Brooklyn DA Looking Into Infant’s Death From Controversial Bris Practice,” posted online March 5; see page 1).

J Street Centrist


Regarding Linda Gradstein’s “Congressional Mission, J Street-Style” (Feb. 24): I was extremely impressed and heartened to learn that J Street took members of Congress on a trip to Israel that demonstrated the reality of Israeli society, good and bad. The United States is Israel’s No. 1 ally, and it’s critical that American lawmakers understand life on the ground by speaking to real Israeli and Palestinian people.

Blame Lincoln, Too


Jonathan Sarna’s efforts to “rescue” the reputation of General Ulysses S. Grant and to exonerate President Abraham Lincoln for their expulsion of the Jews from their conquered territory is not supported by the available evidence (“Gen. Grant’s Uncivil War Against The Jews,” March 2).

Indeed, the expulsion order was consistent with other statements and orders by top Union officials.

The Loss Of The Holy Ornaments

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Freema Gottlieb
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