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Rising From The Grave

Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 7:58 p.m.
Torah: Deut. 1:1-3:22
Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1-27
Havdalah: 9:02 p.m.

Like most Jews, I grew up with memories of events that I never experienced. I remember being a slave in Egypt. I remember the Holocaust. I remember my family’s immigration journey to America. I remember the founding of the State of Israel.

Rabbi Jill Jacobs

A Jewish Parent’s Power Toolbox for Helping Kids Cope with Terror In The News

Special To The Jewish Week

It was a tough week on the news ticker for parents.  First came the heinous attack on an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria, followed only days later by the incomprehensible tragedy in Colorado. Questions of how to talk to our children about these headlines have weighed heavily ever since.

Sharon Duke Estroff

Tisha b’Av And The Numbing Of America

Special To The Jewish Week

Perhaps spurred by the trial over Michael Jackson’s death, there has been increasing concern over what is being called a painkiller epidemic. A Los Angeles Times found that deaths from prescription pain medication far surpass those from heroin and cocaine combined. An estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic physical pain, and countless more are facing emotional distress. Many of them are people are doing all they can to deaden their torment, and their doctors are obliging.

We are witnessing the Numbing of America. 

Joshua Hammerman

On ‘Jew-Washing’ And BDS

How Jewish anti-Israel activists are gaining influence among Christian groups.

Special To The Jewish Week

At the Pittsburgh General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) earlier this month, a motion to adopt a boycott of three companies for doing business with Israel was hotly debated and narrowly defeated.  At this Christian gathering, a group of “young Jewish activists” provided important “testimony” supporting the motion to isolate and demonize Israel. 

Other: The Fastest Growing Jewish Community Segment

Special To The Jewish Week


Quick, what’s the fastest growing part of the Jewish community, or at least the New York metro area’s Jewish community? Orthodox? They’re growing, but not the fastest. Conservative? Nah. Reform? Not anymore. Reconstructionist? Nope.

According to the recently released study of the NY Jewish community, the group that has doubled its share of the community, growing from just 15% to a whopping 37% is [drum roll, please]…OTHER. That’s right, “other”. [Source: Jewish Community Study of New York, page 121].

Time To Prove Two-State Solution Isn’t Just Rhetoric

Special To The Jewish Week

At 7:30 am on a recent Sunday, I spoke to more than 100 Presbyterians at their General Assembly in Pittsburgh.  I was one of two Jewish voices opposing their divestment resolution.  I had been urged to attend by colleagues in the organized Jewish community.  My voice, I was told, would be particularly helpful because of my work at J Street, advocating for a two-state solution.  

Rachel Lerner

Orthodox Most Involved


I was delighted to see the July 6 edition of the paper with its focus on the 2012 population study. The study deserves comprehensive analysis and serious thought. Editor Gary Rosenblatt’s column (“Why ‘Jewish Community’ Is Harder To Define, And Serve”), with its usual keen analysis, and Jerome Chanes’ insights (“Demographics Put Pressure On Communal Groups,” Opinion) are spot on. In addition, I was especially taken with Sam Cohen’s Opinion piece on Jewish college students (“College Dropouts”).

Israel Should Try Harder


I’d like to respond affirmatively to your June 29 editorial, “For Israel, Time to Give Back.” But one very solid thing that Israel should try harder to do, both for itself and for diaspora Jewry, is to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians with a two-state solution.  It is this ongoing problem that physically endangers the small and medium-sized Jewish communities outside of North America and Israel. 

Campus Presence For Conservative Jews


I have grown up as a Conservative Jew. I am a third-generation member of Temple Beth-El Mekor Chayim in Cranford, N.J., and was very active in my United Synagogue Youth (USY) chapter and in the Hagalil Region of USY in high school. Since arriving at Pace University, I began working to start a Hillel, and with the assistance of the director of Koach, Rabbi Elyse Winick, established a Koach presence on campus. My grandparents and parents have instilled strong Jewish values in me, and I hope to see the Conservative movement thrive for many generations to come.

Giving AJC Credit


As a onetime student of Soviet history and politics, I first learned about airbrushing. That was when a Soviet leader suddenly fell into disfavor and his name and photo magically disappeared from the public arena.

But I never expected airbrushing in The Jewish Week. I’m sure it was not deliberate, but it happened twice, and in the very same issue (July 13).

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