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Pluralism In A Post-Pluralistic World

Special to the Jewish Week


The Conservative Movement is in crisis.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism estimates that from 1985 to 2009, 175 affiliated congregations have dispersed or merged with other denominations. The movement’s branch of day schools, the Solomon Schechter schools, has had the sharpest enrollment decline out of any denominational schools with a 3.8 percent decrease from 2010 to 2011, and since 1998, 20 Conservative day schools have shut down nationwide.

On Mother’s Day, Our Women Of Valor

Editor And Publisher

Rare is the Jewish woman who is not praised as an Ayshet Chayil, a woman of valor, though too often it comes at her funeral, when she is not around to hear the rabbi intone from the Book of Proverbs.

“A woman of valor, who can find? Her worth is far beyond rubies…”

Gary Rosenblatt

Bibi’s Big Shakeup


The stunning, late-night move in Israel this week that cancels early election plans and creates a strong national unity government is an example of the best and worst in Israeli politics.

Verdict Not In On Hynes


In recent months there has been much reporting in the Jewish and mainstream media on the Brooklyn district attorney’s claims of success in bringing charges against and prosecuting Orthodox sex offenders.

Sacred Spaces


Kadosh, the Hebrew word for “holy,” also means separate. Yet kiddushin, the word for the sanctification of marriage, comes from the same root. How can togetherness come from separateness?

Seder Theater


I wanted to thank Rabbi Brad Hirschfield for writing such a lovely article explaining the spirit of the seder (“Guess Who’s Coming To Seder?” March 30).

He perfectly described the heart of my new show, “Guess Who’s Coming To Seder? A Delicious New Musical” which was recently featured at The York Theater in New York City and is running at The Tulsa Project Theatre through May 13.

Low-Key Bar Mitzvah


In response to Rabbi Tuvia Teldon’s Letter (“Bar/Bat Mitzvah Hype,” May 4), I can add that I was personally touched by the Chabad method of bar mitzvah this past March. When my grandson, who had distanced himself from his father (his parents are divorced), turned 13, his father gave him tefillin. A couple of weeks later, out of the blue, my grandson reunited with his father, a Chabad Jew in Crown Heights.

Christian Mistreatment


I was surprised regarding your editorial on the “60 Minutes” show on Christians in Israel (“‘60 Minutes’ Flat, April 27). I watched the show and was appalled that Israeli diplomats did the unthinkable —they wanted to censor an American news show.

Dismayed Over Brotoklyn Shul


When I first read the headline, “Voices Divided Over Israel” (April 20) and the claim that the article concerned a “not exactly pro-Israel shul in Brooklyn,” I was dismayed. But after reading the article, I had one big chuckle and thought it was a belated Jewish Week Purim shpiel.

Use Of Title VI


The Jewish Week, in its otherwise thoughtful editorial “Taking on Title VI” (May 4), misses the mark a bit in framing this as the question: “now that we have the right to initiate federal suits against anti-Jewish or anti-Israel activity on campus, should we use it, or will it have a chilling effect on academic freedom?”

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