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Highest Level Of Care


This is a shameful article.

I have Rav Bina to thank for the fact that I still take time out to learn and for the fact that I am constantly looking to grow. Despite this slander, Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh will continue to have the highest amount of students every year, will continue to have the most second-year students for a yeshiva of its kind, and will continue to not only guide students to have the best student-to-staff ratio (3-to-1 last time I checked), to ensure

that Netiv Aryeh students have the highest level of care.

Anonymous Account No Less True


Mr. Packer implies that anonymity casts doubt on the veracity of an account; in my case it actually is my attempt to avoid being victimized all over again. An anonymous account is no less true than one that has a name attached.

Although it is true that I was over 18 at the time of these events, I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that this gives license to physical assault. Regarding the circumstances of what happened to me, let me be clear that I was called to task for being caught going to Ben Yehuda Street, and not for being drunk. 

Rav Bina Article Based On Hearsay


I have long admired the courage of The Jewish Week to tackle issues that impact the members of our community. However, I cannot begin to express my disappointment with your recent article about Netiv Aryeh and Rav Bina (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far?” Jan. 27).

A Call To Action On Energy Policy

Special To The Jewish Week

This month we celebrate Tu b’Shvat, the Jewish new year for trees. Building on this ancient celebration of nature, American Jews are, increasingly, expanding their observance by honoring our entire planet. Tu b’Shvat has become a time to reflect on Earth’s fragility, its dwindling resources and humankind’s impact on water, air and land, as well as on the people, animals and plants that dwell here.

Steve Gutow and David Saperstein

The Case For Ray Kelly

Special To The Jewish Week

Since the founding of the Jewish Community Relations Council of NY in 1976, we have worked closely with law enforcement agencies charged with safeguarding New York’s Jewish community, especially the NYPD. Over that period there have been 10 police commissioners. Without a doubt, Raymond Kelly stands above the rest. The events of the past week reinforce that opinion.

Moses Gets A Consultant

Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 5:05 p.m.
Torah: Exodus 18:1-20:23
Haftarah: Isaiah 6:1-7:6; 9:5-6 (Ashkenaz);
6:1-13 (Sephard)
Havdalah: 6:09 p.m. 

In this week’s Torah reading, we learn that Yitro, Moshe’s father-in-law, traveled from his home in the Land of Midian into the Sinai Desert, bringing Moshe’s wife, Zipporah, and their two sons to be reunited with him. The details of why Zipporah and their sons had been “sent away” by Moshe are unclear.

Rabbi Arthur Samlan

A Moral Case For Brit Milah

Jewish Week Online Columnist

Brit milah (Jewish ritual circumcision) may be uncomfortable to watch, and naturally makes many of us ambivalent in a time of celebration. But is it cruel? Living in California, where calls for the outlawing of circumcision have recently proliferated, I have not heard anyone make the moral case for circumcision. The Shulkhan Arukh says that “this commandment (milah) is greater than (all the) other positive commandments,” (Yoreh De’ah 260).

Rabbi Yanklowitz is founder and president of Uri L'Tzedek, director of Jewish life and senior Jewish educator at UCLA Hillel.

The Most Important and Dangerous Jewish Value: The Messianic Impulse

Jewish Week Online Columnist


“We want Moshiach now!” Have you sung it? What did you mean?

The Torah teaches us about the 4 stages of redemption (Shemot 6). Through God’s miraculous interventions in the world (the 10 plagues), there was a mass exodus, perhaps the greatest story of liberation and redemption in human history.

But we have to ask ourselves, is this the historical model for future redemption? Is this the way that we want it to occur? As a miracle of God?

Rabbi Yanklowitz is founder and president of Uri L'Tzedek, director of Jewish life and senior Jewish educator at UCLA Hillel.

A Russian Jewish Leader With Grand Plans

Editor And Publisher

Alexander Levin, a rags-to-riches Ukrainian businessman who announced a new international forum for Russian-speaking Jews this past week at the United Nations, says he knows how to deal with world leaders like Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Gary Rosenblatt

Israel, Iran And The Bomb


The rhetoric and reporting around whether Israel, with or without U.S. involvement, will take military action against Iran this year, is ratcheting up. But that doesn’t make the conclusions any more clear. In fact, based on past history, when Israel takes military action it does so swiftly, suddenly and with no previous drumbeating in the press, as in the successful attacks on the nuclear reactor facilities in Iraq in 1981, and in Syria in 2009.

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