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Uneven Young Israel Policy


Regarding the article, “Amid Upheaval, National Council of Young Israel Celebrates 100th” (Nov. 11), the Council is not applying evenly the right to take a disenfranchised branch’s assets. When the Young Israel of Fifth Avenue left the movement to become the 16th Street Synagogue, the Council did not take its assets.

Young Israel Conflict


It is telling that The Jewish Week refers to the complaints of some Young Israel branches against the national organization as an “upheaval” while your periodic portrayals of changes in the Conservative and Reform movements are nice people working things out (“Amid Upheaval, National Council of Young Israel Celebrates 100th,” Nov. 11).

I guess The Jewish Week just can’t help itself.

Taking Sides


On the website of the “Other Film Festival,” Carol Zabar, founder and member of the boards of the JCC and its co-sponsor, the New Israel Fund, states: “It is not about the conflict — it is not about taking sides — this festival is about people ... paving the way to co-existence and a new, more inclusive culture in the Middle East.”

Early Criticism Of Pius XII


It is simply not true, as Gary Krupp of Pave the Way Foundation asserts, that criticism of Pope Pius XII’s public behavior during the Holocaust was “artificially created” and unknown until Rolf Hochhuth’s play “The Deputy” (Letters, Nov. 11).

Stop Cowering


While I am heartbroken at the plight of the agunot, regarding the Opinion piece by Rivka Haut and Susan Aranoff, “Religious Courts Are Treating Agunot Unfairly” (Oct. 25), I must question why they would feel so ashamed to be issued a seruv (halachic contempt citation) from an institution so obviously corrupt and unworthy of any honorable Jew’s respect.

Prenups Are Not Enough


Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann’s Opinion piece, “A Long-Term Solution To The Agunah Problem” (Nov. 11), asserts that the prenuptial agreement, which is in wide use by Rabbinical Council of America rabbis, is a panacea/solution that resolves the get (religious divorce) problem.

This is misleading. The prenup, while it may have good intentions, is almost impossible to enforce.

A Unity Pledge That Backfired (Proving Its Point)

Editor And Publisher

Speaking at the annual Anti-Defamation League meeting in New York last week, a senior official of the Obama White House warned that “harm could come” from turning differences over Mideast policy between the U.S. and Israel into “election-year talking points.”

Gary Rosenblatt

The Journey To Self


Similar wisdom from two very different sources:

From Carl Jung: “If you do not acknowledge your yearning, then you do not follow yourself, but go on foreign ways that others have indicated to you. So you do not live your life but an alien one. But who should live your life if you do not live it? It is not only stupid to exchange your life for an alien one, but also a hypocritical game, because you can never really live the life of others, you can only pretend to do it, deceiving the other and yourself, since you can only live your own life.”

Dennis Ross Departs


With Israel facing extraordinary challenges in the Mideast, it is losing a key advocate in the White House.

Dennis Ross, a Mideast adviser to five presidents, once was derided as one of “Baker’s Boys” during the administration of President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker. More recently, though, he has been viewed as a confidante and friend of Israeli leaders. He is leaving his post at the end of the year, an implicit signal that the U.S. effort to break the Israeli-Palestinian impasse is on hold until after the 2012 election.

Responding To Hate


How deep should our concern be over the ugly spate of anti-Semitic sentiment on display in our community in recent days?

Jewish organizations and leaders responded with appropriate outrage over a spree of swastika and “KKK” graffiti in Midwood, Brooklyn, violently punctuated with the burning of several parked cars under cover of darkness late Friday night.

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