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Blind Trust


I am writing in response to Judy Klitsner’s Opinion piece, “How To Prevent
Future Rabbinic Scandals” (Opinion, June 12).

Credit Kurtzer


Amidst the pain and self-reflection being experienced by the Jewish
community in the face of the “Sauna Silence,” I would like to take a moment to
acknowledge the courage and steadfastness of Yehuda Kurtzer, who brought this
issue out from darkness to the light of open discussion (“With Sauna ‘Secret’ Out, Riverdale Shul Faces Tough Choices,” June 5).

Deepest Respect


The recent articles about Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt (June 5, June 12) are another reminder of the long and impressive history of editor Gary Rosenblatt and his reporters in examining sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct in Jewish institutions, organizations and communities. No doubt this courageous editor, his staff, and the newspaper have paid a price for their crucial work — in terms of attacks and subscription cancellations.

More Disinformation


Gary Rosenblatt is correct that now is the time to support Jewish unity, as he wrote in “Promoting Disunity,” Editorial, June 5. But the rest of his screed directed against JCCWatch.org is just more disinformation.

Understanding Netanyahu


Gary Rosenblatt clearly portrays Michael Oren as an historian who tells it the way it is (“No Way To Treat An Ally,” June 19).

Those who
clearly will criticize Prime Minister Netanyahu should understand that he has made many personal sacrifices on behalf of the state of Israel.

Not only was he a soldier in the IDF. He was one of many soldiers that
rescued hostages on a hijacked airplane.

He lost his older brother in the Entebbe rescue of 1976. This is what
motivates him as a fierce defender of the state of Israel.

Oren Not Objective


I was taken aback at Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “No Way To Treat An Ally,” June 19.

I understand that “Between the Lines” is an
opinion piece. Nevertheless, Rosenblatt sounded more like a publicist for
Oren than an independent journalist. I think that it would have been only
fair to the paper’s readers to point out there are many individuals who have
challenged Oren’s version of events.

On Tuition Tax Bill


Ensuring Jewish continuity by providing, among other things, good Jewish education is a critical responsibility of the Jewish community. It is a responsibility that the wealthiest Jewish community in all history should be able to manage if it wants to. But is it a responsibility of the taxpayers of the State of New York? Your Editorial of June 12, “Help For Parents With Day School Tuition,” assumes that it is and therefore enthusiastically supports a bill now before the state legislature that would provide millions of dollars in tax credits for families sending their children to parochial schools.

Stretching The Limits

Special to the Jewish Week

Why do the five books of the Torah end with Israel still in the wilderness? The entire story points toward the Promised Land, yet Moses dies and the Israelites are outside the land.

One possibility is the Torah’s lesson that the land is both a reality and an ideal. In the book of Joshua, the Israelites enter the land and have to fight to establish themselves. In the wilderness, they will dream of the land and envision an ideal.

Rabbi David Wolpe

Pushing For Massive French Aliyah

Minimal investment could spur record immigration from a prosperous country, advocate says.

Editor and Publisher

Speaking at the Grand Synagogue in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket murders in January, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stirred controversy when he announced: “Any Jew who chooses to come to Israel will be greeted with open arms and an open heart; it is not a foreign nation, and hopefully they and you will one day come to Israel.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Albany Rejects BDS


The virtually unanimous resolution in the New York State Assembly the other day opposing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) efforts against Israel is a reminder of the fair-mindedness of our elected leaders. It also serves as a rejoinder to Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who sponsored a private anti-BDS summit meeting several weeks ago that excluded key mainstream Jewish groups in the fight against de-legitimization of Israel.

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