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7 Reasons Why Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is Still A Possibility

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Let’s face it: After the stillbirth of Secretary John Kerry’s efforts to obtain a two-state solution, cynical Israelis and Palestinians, along with much of the world, reacted with a collective shrug. Whatever euphoria existed during the Rabin years is long gone, and with Israeli settlement expansion and Palestinian unilateral actions at the United Nations and International Criminal Court, the two-state solution seems almost impossible.

Joel Strauss

Renaissance Man, Quietly Preserving Jewish Treasures

Editor and Publisher

On a personal tour last fall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit of Near East artifacts from the ninth through seventh centuries B.C., George Blumenthal could hardly contain his excitement.

Gary Rosenblatt

A Golden Thread Of Providence

Special To The Jewish Week

History can change by very slim margins: Had Blucher been a little late to Waterloo or, as Pascal put it, had Cleopatra’s nose been longer, the world would have been different.

Rabbi David Wolpe

East Midwood Jewish Center Omission


Regarding your well-written article, “Landmark Day For Flatbush Conservative Synagogue” (Dec. 19): The history of the East Midwood Jewish Center is woefully incomplete without the mention of Rabbi Harry Halperin. Rabbi Halperin was, in many ways, the catalyst who shepherded the growth of the EMJC in its “glory days.”

Accepts Dershowitz’s Denials


I have long experience in working with Alan Dershowitz and have every confidence in the honesty of his denials of publicized conduct (“Defending Dershowitz, To A Fault?” (Jan. 16).

Defends Dershowitz


Regarding “Defending Dershowitz, To A Fault?” (Jan. 16), I have known Alan Dershowitz for many years. Although we disagree on some fundamental Israel issues, Dershowitz is surely a sincere, passionate, and heartfelt Zionist who loves Israel. There is no more outspoken and eloquent advocate for Israel’s security.

Wrong Leader In Paris?


Regarding last week’s article, “Bibi’s Paris Trip Continues To Reverberate,” why didn’t Israel send Reuven Rivlin, its president, to the anti-terror march in Paris following the terror attacks there?

European Jews Should Leave


Regarding your coverage of the terror attacks in France over the last two issues, why don’t the Jews of Belgium and France come to the U.S or Canada?

Practical Reasons For Staying In Europe


The articles over the last two weeks about the situation that Jews in Europe are facing are generally very good. However, there are two salient points that appears to have not been mentioned.

A Way Out For Bibi?


It’s clear that by agreeing to House Speaker John Boehner’s offer to address a joint session of Congress on March 3, a precedent-breaking move in defiance of the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has made a calculated risk.

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