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Israel Says Fatal Shooting Of Palestinian Teen Was In Error


Two Palestinian teens were killed during West Bank clashes with the Israeli military, including one who Israel said was shot in error.

The Sound of Silence


The sound of silence following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s
admonishment of the United Nations General Assembly for not uttering a peep in
the face of Iran’s repeated pledge in its chambers to eradicate Israel speaks
mountains about the status relegated the sole Middle East democracy by the
world peacekeeping organization.

Crude Cartoon Portrayal


The cartoon in the Oct. 2 issue about the BDS movement — with its crude ethnic portrayal of Arab and Muslim-looking men, and the text “Muslim Student Association” across the chest of one of them — does a deep disservice to the challenges facing Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus.

Call To Action


To the extent that all Jews are responsible for each other, Shulem Deen’s Opinion piece, “Chasidic Schools Ensure Ignorance And Poverty” (Sept. 18) on the tragedy of Jewish youth failing to receive any meaningful secular education is more than just important. It is a call to action.

No Intellectual Wasteland


Regarding “Yeshiva Reformers Brace For Fight As Cause Catches On” (Sept. 11): Yeshivas aren’t intellectual wastelands. Talmud study is highly challenging
and builds the brain like nothing else. That’s why Koreans, who have no
interest in converting to Judaism, teach it to their children.

Bibi’s Missed Chance At UN

With fresh violence well underway, he should have pivoted more quickly from Iran deal to Israel’s terror fight.

Contributing Editor

The sense of tragedy in Israel last weekend was stifling. On Friday, a young couple was laid to rest after being murdered in front of their four children, and by Saturday night there were further victims of this spate of terror that is gripping Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Nathan Jeffay

Jewish Hospitals Are Becoming Extinct

They succeeded so profoundly in abetting the success of the American Jews that they became unnecessary.

Special to The Jewish Week

Perhaps the fact that the announcement was made on the second day of Rosh HaShanah said it all: “The North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System ... is being renamed Northwell Health as the 21-hospital network prepares to launch a rebranding and marketing campaign in 2016 to distinguish it in a crowded metropolitan market.” Another Jewish hospital has disappeared and its managers were unconcerned that the announcement was made on the Jewish New Year.

Edward C. Halperin

Has The Third Intifada Begun?


The combination of recent clashes initiated by Palestinians over access to the Temple Mount and the frightening number of seemingly unrelated attacks on Jewish civilians, several of them fatal, have Israelis worried that they could be in for another lengthy and violent siege. Two Jewish men were stabbed to death walking through the Old City in Jerusalem late Saturday night on one of the most patrolled streets in the country. The 19-year-old killer had posted a Facebook message that said, “the third intifada has begun.”

The Adult We’ve Become


Not long ago, I was sent a picture of myself at a very young age. As it was just before Yom Kippur, I began to wonder about the person in that picture — what would he think of the adult he had become?

David Wolpe
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