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New research shows Anne Frank died earlier than believed


Anne Frank died earlier than previously believed, according to new research.

Researchers from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam looking into the last months of the teenage diarist and her sister Margot concluded that they died in February 1945, according to a statement from the Anne Frank House published Tuesday -- the 70th anniversary of the official date of the sisters’ deaths set by Dutch authorities after the war.

Israel to deport African migrants without their consent


 Israel will begin deporting African migrants to third countries without their consent.

The migrants, from Eritrea and Sudan, will be sent to a southern Israeli prison if they refuse, Haaretz reported, citing the Interior Ministry. Israel’s attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, approved the process, under which the migrants will be given 30 days notice before being told to which third country they will be traveling. No timetable was given for the deportations.

Critic Of J Street


 J Street is an American organization that has become a very great detriment to the State of Israel and the Israeli people (“American Jews Place Hopes In Herzog,” March 20). It continues to advocate for the worst of President Obama’s policies and in some instances it even goes further. It makes the Israeli people two nations, advocating a split of Israel into “good guys,” who live in Tel Aviv and have that mentality, and the “bad guys,” who have settled in [communities over the Green Line].

Don’t Blame Obama


Regardless of whether Gary Rosenblatt agrees or disagrees with President
Obama’s reaction to recent actions and statements by Netanyahu, it is in no
way fair to hold him accountable for what Mr. Rosenblatt terms “relentless
coverage in the mainstream press,” resulting in “a steady stream of
front-page stories” (“Sharing The Blame As Fault Lines Deepen,” Editor’s column, March 27).

Unfair Video


As part of a Jewish family growing up in the suburbs, I was told in both my Jewish and public school education that Jews prized education, accounting for the large number of scientists and accomplished people in the Jewish community. I believe that people should be made aware that there is a large Orthodox community that provides a good secular education within the yeshivas for their children. I speak with my neighbors about this since I am a Reform Jew.

Unity Shabbat


I would like to commend the Stamford Jewish community for working together to create a beautiful, unified Shabbat Across America event, the creation of which was dramatically described by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman in his March 13 op-ed column, “A Shabbat Across the Bow.”

No Logic To Obama Effort


The Editorial, “Bibi, Obama And Purim” (March 6) contrasted the
approaches of President Obama to Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Editorial describes the
president as taking a pragmatic approach while the prime minister is a
“student of history.”
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pragmatic as “dealing with the
problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way
instead of depending on ideas and theories.” There is nothing reasonable or
logical in the president’s approach to the Middle East. No reasonable or
logical person would support a corrupt government (Palestinian Authority)
that supports and pays salaries to terrorists over a fully democratically
elected government where everyone’s rights, even those of their enemies,
are protected under the law.

Dealing With Iran


 A Letter to the Editor in the March 13 edition stated that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu presented no real, feasible alternative in his congressional address. Quite to the contrary.
The prime minister suggested at least two alternatives. One was to postpone the release of sanctions until Iran changed its regional behavior and ceased threatening to destroy Israel. Another was to negotiate a better outcome than American resignation to a nuclear armed Iran, as is now being negotiated, even if the talks are first interrupted before Iran finds its way back to the table in order to obtain further necessary sanctions relief.

It’s A Classic

Special To The Jewish Week

In high school I approached a well-known rabbi and told him that I had read one of his books and liked it very much. “Ah, have you read my other book?” he asked. No, I had not. “You should,” he told me, “it’s a classic.”

Rabbi David Wolpe

‘Next Year In Jerusalem’

It is that Holy City, and its fate — next year and going forward — that weigh so heavily on our minds this Passover.

Editor and Publisher

Delve into the Haggadah and you understand why there are more editions and variations of it than any other Jewish text. Its story is timeless, its themes are eternal, its message is as current as the day’s headlines.

Gary Rosenblatt
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