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Israel: The Canary In The Coal Mine

In the United States' drone warfare errors and frustration with Iran, echoes of Israel's bitter experience.

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After Arab terrorists killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, I thought the world would see Israel’s plight in dealing with terrorists in a new light: a democracy subject to the violent hatred of those seeking to destroy “Big Satan” (the U.S.) and “Little Satan” (Israel), along with Western values of human rights and freedoms.

Gary Rosenblatt

Rabbi David Wolpe's 'Musings'

'Turkey under the table': Everyone needs someone willing to enter her world.

Special To The Jewish Week

Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav once told of a prince who suffered from delusions and thought he was a turkey. A wise man cured him by emulating his behavior: Crawling under the table, pecking at his food and behaving just like a turkey. Gradually, he began to ask the prince — “Can’t a turkey wear a shirt?” And, “Can’t a turkey eat with utensils?” In that way the wise man gradually brought the prince back to acknowledging his humanity.

Rabbi David Wolpe

Celebrating Catholic-Jewish Relations


A half-century after the Second Vatican Council, which absolved Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus and strongly condemned anti-Semitism, Catholic-Jewish relations are at a high point. As proof, an Orthodox rabbi received an honor from the pope this week, and a cardinal will dialogue and dine at the Jewish Theological Seminary next week.

The Mitzvah Of Helping Victims In Nepal


Our hearts go out to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

When natural disaster strikes people virtually anywhere in the world, among the first responders are representatives of the Jewish people. Led by the Jewish state. Over the years, Israel has reached out to countries in need whose citizens are Christian, Muslim, Shinto, or as in the case of last week’s disaster centered in Nepal, Hindu and Buddhist. (See story on page 27.)

Learning To Advocate For Myself

Special To The Jewish Week

My dad homeschooled me from the sixth grade until I got my GED in 2000. The reason was because he did not want me to be bullied by the other students. Homeschooling helped me learn how to work extremely hard. I studied hard for exams, wrote papers, and completed extra credit assignments. But I sometimes wished that I could have spoken up more about wanting to be around others who were similar to me. While I was not as comfortable advocating for myself when I was younger, many of my experiences since then have taught me how to be better at speaking up about the accommodations I need.

Emanuel Frowner

The Modern Orthodox Brain Drain: Part II

Special To The Jewish Week

Kudos to Elli Fischer for drawing attention to a fundamental crisis within American Modern Orthodoxy, one that is even graver than his diagnosis (“Modern Orthodoxy Has Its Costs,” Opinion, Feb. 27).

Sharon Flatto

A Voice For Jewish Singles

Special To The Jewish Week

I’m about to enter a parking garage. The static is just starting on the radio when I put the car into reverse and park. One of my favorite songs is on, and I wasn’t prepared to lose it in a car garage: Freddie Mercury’s “Somebody to Love.” I cannot actually write those words without hearing his unusual, high-pitched, magical voice singing the lyrics. Because I stopped just to listen to the song, I heard it with increased intensity.

Erica Brown

Echoes Of The Scapegoat

Special To The Jewish Week

Candlelighting, Readings:
Shabbat candles: 7:33 p.m.
Torah: Lev. 16:1-20:27
Haftorah: Amos 9:7-15 (Ashkenaz); Ezekiel 20:2-20
Havdalah: 8:37 p.m.

Ora Horn Prouser

Needed: A Performance-Driven Culture

The Jewish community assesses itself too rarely.

Special To The Jewish Week

“How am I doing?”

Not every performance is a winning one. Fotolia

On Israel’s 67th Anniversary, Some Suggestions on How to Heal the US-Israel Relationship


This week, Israel marks 67 years of independence and 67 years of a vibrant relationship with the United States.

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