Imposed Delays


The South Wing to Zion advertisement (Dec. 16) about Ethiopian Jews being able to celebrate Chanukah with their families in Israel highlights a scandal of many years — keeping members of the Falash Mura community (modern-day Marranos) in deplorable and life-threatening conditions in Ethiopia, with a series of excuses as to why they cannot be brought to Israel.

Evangelical Friends zzz


You and Rabbi Joshua Hammerman have brought shame on the Jewish people by printing his bigoted and stupid comments regarding Tim Tebow and Christians.
Evangelical Christians are the friends of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Are you the enemy of our friends, and a friend to our enemies? Shame on you.

Clearly Inadequate


 The Jewish Week’s sincere apologies for posting and publishing the tasteless column on Tim Tebow by Rabbi Hammerman are all well and good but virtually useless. The rabbinic story tells us that careless words are like feathers scattered in the wind — impossible to re-collect.

Apologizing is clearly inadequate. Just imagine what you would do if a non-Jew had written the same column — only substitute “Jew” for “Christian” in the piece. Would you ever invite that person back? Hardly.

Baseless Hatred


Rabbi Hammerman’s idiotic prediction [of what might happen if Tim Tebow’s team wins the Super Bowl] is devoid of substance, reason and evidence. The editor should have taken Rabbi Hammerman aside: “If you can’t provide evidence to substantiate your inflammatory assertion I won’t print it.”

Causing A Stir


I must say it is pretty disappointing to see the Jewish community joining in on the hate Tim Tebow movement that is sweeping across this nation. He sure is causing quite a stir — going to church, not taking drugs, not having children out of wedlock and keeping his comments positive and supporting his team.
Sad you don’t practice what you preach.

On Tebow Column


Rabbi Hammerman, we all make mistakes, but shame on you (“My Tim Tebow Problem,” Opinion, Dec. 23).

I would like to think that a man of God would keep his mouth shut about the personal opinions of a football player. I will pray for you and hope the Lord will grant you and I both a greater measure of wisdom and the ability to know when to keep our mouths shut.
May God bless and hold you close. In the name of Jesus I wish you the best.

Clinton Off Base


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s sudden concern for Israel’s future as a democratic state in the shadow of the recent Muslim Brotherhood electoral victory in Egypt, and Iran’s irrational march to nuclear martyrdom is perplexing.

With the Mideast beset by growing violence and unprecedented instability, it is incomprehensible to any objective observer why America’s top diplomat would inappropriately foray into the internal voluntary busing preferences of religious Jews (men and women) who reside in the only legitimate democracy in that region.

Nothing To Discuss


Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Mind The Gap Between Orthodox And Other Jews” (Dec. 2) is basically a good piece, and a reasonable attempt at fairness. His penultimate sentences, however, indicate why there probably won’t be any dialogue. 

Chief Rabbi And The Rebbe


Yasher koach [congratulations] to Jonathan Mark on a most readable, moving and inspiring column (“The Chief Rabbi And The Rebbe,” Dec. 2).
This was, indeed, a noteworthy event — Rabbi Jonathan Sacks addressing the Chabad shluchim [emissaries] conference. Mark’s piece conveyed its uniqueness in full measure.


Unfair Depiction Of North Shore


The Jewish Week’s article “Day School World Gauging Fallout from SAT Scandal” (Dec. 2) is misleading, and it abandons the American principle of “innocent until proven guilty.”

The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School prides itself on honest achievement. Consistently at the forefront of Torah learning, chesed and academic success, the students of North Shore compete and achieve in the spirit of self-motivation and integrity.

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