Singing Praises


 The article, “Search On for ‘Big Idea’ for Jewish Teens” (Dec. 2), reports that “having good friends, doing well academically and getting into a good college” were “very” or “extremely important” to the teens surveyed for the Cohen Center study, while having a strong Jewish identity ranked lower down on the list. 

One-Sided View


I am mystified that Jerome Chanes’ review of Gershom Gorenberg’s “The Unmaking of Israel” (Fall Literary Guide, Nov. 25) ignores several of Gorenberg’s most outlandish proposals and radical views. Gorenberg advocates the dismantling of the entire hesder yeshiva framework (p. 234) and dropping the active promotion of Jewish immigration (p. 246). He also derides concern of the Iranian threat and the growing Islamization of the “Arab Spring” as a remnant of the shtetl complex of seeing Cossacks everywhere.

Pleased With Results


I very much appreciated Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Mind the Gap Between Orthodox and Other Jews” (Dec. 2), in which he presented an extensive recap of how we Orthodox differ in so many ways from “other Jews.” It was also cheering to read about the large number of children being born to the Orthodox while the “other Jews” are having much fewer children (and, of course, marrying out). Indeed, in a generation or two, we will be fewer but “Jewer” — quality over quantity.

Edison, N.J.

Cheating Scandal


As a parent at North Shore Hebrew Academy, I am disgusted by the cheating scandal but I am more appalled by the tepid and vacillating response of the education administration (“Day School World Gauging Fallout From SAT Scandal,” Dec. 2).

Where is the communication to the parents on cheating? Where are the e-mails condemning the action and promising swift and decisive judgment?

Where is the admission of a problem? Where is the honor code for student performance? Where is the assurance that this will not happen again?

The Truth Hurts


There have been several articles in recent days reporting on criticism of Israel by American Jewish groups for placing some Hebrew ads in the U.S. whose goal was to encourage Israeli expatriates to return home. The ads highlighted some negatives of the American diaspora such as the ignorance of some American Jews about Judaism, Israel, and the Hebrew language, and concerns about intermarriage. The ads were not placed in any public medium available to the majority of American Jews and certainly not to the non-Jewish U.S. public.

Airbrushing History


I must respond to the assertion that Pope Pius XII did what he could to save European Jewry (Letters, Nov. 25). This is an attempt to airbrush history.

The fact is that the Catholic Church was the one institution that could have prevented the mass deportation and extermination of European Jewry. It is admitted that some national churches, i.e. the Church in Holland did what they could to protest deportation.

Up To The Community


Your editorial, “Celebrating Women’s Advances,” (Nov. 22), correctly extols the accomplishments of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance in all areas, except for their inability to persuade the Orthodox rabbinate to apply existing halachic principles that would allow for a systemic solution to the agunah problem, the most egregious plight facing Orthodoxy today.

You state, “Perhaps if the rabbis thought of their daughters in that unfortunate place of the agunah, they would be spurred to act.”

Questions For Mormons


Gary Rosenblatt’s column (“Romney Or Not, We Can Learn From The Mormons,” Nov. 25) offering a Jewish perspective on Mitt Romney’s candidacy in next year’s presidential election is eminently timely, but begs for attention to some serious issues concerning Mormonism’s possible impingement on the candidate’s suitability for the highest political office.

Here are three questions among others that warrant consideration:

Not Just For Republicans


In Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Romney Or Not, We Can Learn From The Mormons” (Nov. 25), I was puzzled by his comment that Mitt Romney is an attractive candidate for “Jewish Republicans.” 

Why limit Romney’s Jewish appeal to Republicans? Especially when the current occupant of the White House has been so hostile to Israel and other Jewish interests.

This coming election will prove (again, after Bob Turner’s victory) that the Democrats do not have the lock on the Jewish vote that they once did.

Kosher Consumers


Reading “Kosher Butchers Cutting Closer To The Bone” (Oct. 28) one would mistakenly conclude that only stores outside the kosher community offer savings.

My family has been in the kosher food business for half a century and offering, from day one, the best possible value. My father, Sam Brach, of blessed memory, considered making kosher food affordable his life’s mission.

We, the stores in the kosher community, take very seriously the responsibility to serve our people. We stock the full line of most of the brands we carry.

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