J Street Poll On Iran


In a recent Letter to the Editor, Benyamin Korn writes that a J Street poll
of American Jewish opinion on the Iran deal, which demonstrated that a clear
majority of American Jews support the recently negotiated deal, is suspect,
because the poll was done before the details of the deal were made public
(“Premature Polling,” July 29). Mr. Korn wonders whether the results would
be different now that the Jewish community has had a chance to examine the

Praise For Claims Conference


We have the seen the recent articles that raise questions about the
operations at the Claims Conference.

‘Diversity Of Opinion’ On Iran Deal?


I sadly reflect over the last few days in the midst of our community’s
divided response to the Iran deal crisis. When we view ourselves today in the
light of our history as portrayed in the scriptures, how as a community can
we American Jews be less shamed than American Jewry should have been over
its poor and divided response to the Holocaust?

Deal Safeguards U.S., Israel


Critics of the proposed nuclear deal with Iran ignore history and the
influence of perceived national interests of the countries involved in
reaching this settlement.

In The Name Of ‘Piety’


In discussing Faigy Mayer’s suicide, Hannah Dreyfus mentioned
Footsteps, a group that helps “rebellious” charedim transition to
secularism (“We Tried To Be There For Her,” July 24).

Orthodox Union Opposes Iran Deal


Mark Lavie’s argument (“Why The Iran Deal Could Be Good For Israel,” Opinion, July 24) that we should accept the Iran nuclear agreement and
“move on” comes down to two points. First, Mr. Lavie tells us, it doesn’t matter that the agreement frees Iran
to deploy a nuclear arsenal in 10 or 15 years because (a) they’ve promised
not to do it and (b) within that “eternity” of time, the benefits of
trade with the West may fundamentally change the nature of the Iranian

The Joy of Sex Ed


Thank you for your article by Hannah Dreyfus on the importance of pre-marital sex education (“The Joy of Sex Ed,” July 17). It is heartening to see that The Jewish Week recognizes developments in the Orthodox world as we seek to strengthen that most fundamental and challenging cornerstone of Jewish life — an intimate, harmonious and halachically strong marital relationship.

Beautiful Tribute


Thane Rosenbaum’s tribute to Ed Doctorow and Theo Bikel teased out contrasts
and connections between those two remarkable artists that few others have
perceived or formulated (“Two Sides Of The Jewish Soul,” July 31).

Thanks for publishing Rosenbaum’s literate,
beautifully written essay.


Babka Absence


In your story, “A Babka Monopoly At Green’s?” (July 24), what is absent is precisely what was described to me as the crux of the story at the time of the interview: What are New York City’s favorite babka brands, and why? And we discussed several favorite brands, with one great favorite: Babkalicious By Lana. Not a word about that brand, or other good brands mentioned (namely Gombo). Instead, your story looks like a protracted ad for one brand.

Clarifying On ‘Happiness’


As our community still reels in sorrow over the tragic death of Faigy Mayer (“We Tried To Be There For Her,” July 24), we face the question of lessons learned, how we can possibly construct meaning from horrific loss.

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