Speaking Out For Abuse Victims


Regarding “Accused Pedophile To Resign From Queens Rabbinical Board” (July 2) and “A Decade Later, More Willingness To Confront Rabbinic Abuse” (June 18), I cannot write as a New York resident, nor am I writing as a formal representative of either Nefesh Israel, an organization I co-chair, or Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, where I have headed the neuropsychology unit for close to 20 years.

What About Pollard?


In view of the spy exchange between the United States and Russia that has occurred within a blink of an eye, is it too much to question anew the extraordinary and cruel prison term being served by Jonathan Pollard?



Catskill Pleasures Year-Round


It is wonderful to see The Jewish Week taking notice that “a new generation” is “creating new memories” in the Jewish Catskills (“The Catskills Come Alive,” Editorial, July 9).

The one point I contest is that the Catskills “come alive” only in the summer months. As a new resident of the town of the once-famed Grossinger’s Hotel, I held the popular misconception that the Catskills were of a bygone era and there was not much in the way of Jewish life anymore. You could wax nostalgic, but no more.   

Oasis For Orthodox Women


I am writing in response to the article that cites the new rules that the National Council of Young Israel instituted, restricting the leadership role of women and their reading of the Megillah (“Young Israel In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul,” July 2).

I would like the wider Jewish community to know that there is one Orthodox synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Stanton Street Shul, that not only has women on the board and as its highest elected officers, but also has a women’s tefillah group.  

No Women Presidents


It is time for the National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) to reverse its policy of no women presidents (“Young Israel Movement In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul,” July 2).

‘Young Israel’ Brand


Does any shul still need to be called Young Israel? (“Young Israel Movement In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul,” July 2).

Exposing Abusers


Keep up the good work in exposing people that pose a threat to our children (“A Decade Later, More Willingness To Confront Rabbinic Abuse,” June 18).  

Organizations like the Queens Va’ad have been ignoring the issue of sexual abuse for too long. Those in leadership positions should understand that people need to be aware of the dangers that exist in our schools and our shuls.

Let’s put our efforts into helping victims and potential victims of abuse, instead of worrying so much about the perpetrators.



Editorializing On Hebron


Regarding “David Weprin’s Excellent Adventure” (June 25), Doug Chandler begins his report discussing Mr. Weprin’s activities but then goes off on a tangent, making one-sided and inflammatory statements about Hebron and the Jewish settlers living there. Chandler states simply that Hebron is an Arab city, and then cites Ori Nir, a spokesman for American Friends of Peace Now, who states that “the Hebron Fund … supports the most extreme settlers on the West Bank and is trying to push Palestinians from the center of Hebron.” What nonsense.

Israeli School Conflict


Regarding the travesty occurring in Emmanuel [where religious parents were jailed for refusing to send their children to school with non-religious children], irrespective of the details of whether the parents were right, wrong, racist or other — the government of Israel, through its courts, exercised wrongful and bullying power by effectively jailing the parents of these children. 

No Judaism Without Zionism


Zionism cannot survive if not imbued with Torah. Eric Herschthal’s article, “Clash Of Zionisms In the Academy” (June 25), quoted several experts on the slow demise of secular Zionism and its lack of relevancy with young, diaspora Jews, with some historians citing a lack of knowledge of the cultural aspects of Judaism. 

What would that entail? Learning about gefilte fish? Matzah balls? Barbra Streisand and her Brooklynese? Yiddish theater in the 1930s? Holocaust movies? 

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