Faulty History On Auschwitz Convent


The editorial “A Mosque Near Ground Zero” (July 30) creates faulty history about the Carmelite nuns at the convent adjoining Auschwitz. The convent generated searing controversy in 1989 when five colleagues and I joined Rabbi Avi Weiss in climbing over its fence in peaceful protest and, at the nuns’ behest, workmen in the building attacked us. 

Challenges Mosque Editorial


Your editorial “A Mosque Near Ground Zero” (July 30) supporting the mosque curiously states some reasons why the center should NOT be built at that site. You wrote that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the leader behind the center “has not spoken out against terror groups like Hamas.” He has said that “the United States must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end.” Do you believe that?

Cordoba House And Religious Freedom


Re “In Wake Of ADL, Jewish Groups Back Ground Mosque Zero Mosque” (Aug. 6): I laud the decision to clear the way for the Cordoba House to be built. Stopping its construction would have amounted to denial of religious freedom. 

While I understand the need for sensitivity in addressing the concerns of relatives of 9/11 victims, allowing the Cordoba Initiative to build a peaceful community center shows the radical, evil supporters of Osama bin Laden that Americans gladly espouse the attitude of tolerance that he so abhors.

AJCongress Accomplishments


As a former executive director of the American Jewish Congress (1971-‘78) and someone who spent 25 years as a lawyer and administrator at the organization, I would like to add some comments to Tamar Snyder’s July 23 article “AJ Congress Rides Off Into the Sunset?”

Honoring The Enemy


I am appalled and offended by Hillel Levine’s remarks that we should “restructure” our Yom Hazikaron to honor “those lost lives on both sides” (“’Historical Conciliation’ As Key To Peace?” Editor’s Column, July 30).

Should America “restructure” its Memorial Day or Pearl Harbor commemorations to honor those Germans and Japanese who bravely fought and died in World War II? Should we erect a statue to Ho Chi Minh at the Vietnam Memorial? 

Deliberate Distortion


 It is perplexing and astounding that The Jewish Week should publish a JTA report that abstracts and highlights an article from the New York Times that deliberately distorts and misinforms with the headline “N.Y. Times: U.S. Tax-Exempt Donation Support Settlements” without mentioning the many indictments of this blatantly biased “news report” by groups such as Honest Reporting, Camera, Commentary and many others.

Coercive Religious Policies


Human rights, freedom of religion, mutual respect for each other’s rabbis and rites, and good citizenship are values dear to the vast majority of Jews around the world (“Conversion Crisis Could Threaten Pro-Israel Effort,” July 23).

Supports The Mosque


I was deeply saddened by the Anti-Defamation League’s position against the construction of the Sufi community center in downtown Manhattan. 

Move The Mosque


 The Jewish Week misses the point in its editorial concerning the Ground Zero Mosque. (“A Mosque Near Ground Zero,” July 30)

It is safe to say that a New York mayor’s leadership can move mountains on virtually any issue. I say categorically that Michael Bloomberg’s leadership is a gift that this great city shall not soon see once his term concludes. Particularly in education and public safety, I have seen his proficiency up close. It is therefore disappointing that he has, in a most facile manner, dismissed the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.

Gleaning In Israel


Concerning Stewart Ain’s article, “Feeding Israel’s Have-Nots” (June 4, A N.Y. Minute), we were recently in Israel for a bar mitzvah celebration for my nephew, Menachem Lafazan (front row, left in photo). The chesed project for the trip was to help pick vegetables at the Leket Israel (Table to Table) farm. According to our guide our group of 15 literally picked a ton of onions that day. It was an amazing experience knowing that this food would be on somebody’s table within a few days.

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