Competition From JCCs


It is hypocritical for clergy members of the Reform and Conservative movements who vehemently support pluralism in Israel to shout “not in my backyard” when the issue arises in their own bailiwick (“JCC, Synagogues In Holy War In Boca,” Sept. 3).

Disproportional Controversy


The controversy involving George Soros’ donations to J Street has been blown way out of proportion (“J Street Reeling After Soros Money Revelation,” Oct. 1).

The fact is George Soros is a mainstream businessman. While J Street could have been more transparent about his contributions, this is really not a huge issue. People on the right are using it as way to vilify J Street (and the peace movement in general).

Beware Of Soros


If we are known by the friends we keep, J Street is now known as having a friend in George Soros. (“J Street Reeling After Soros Money Revelation,” Oct. 1)
I urge all readers to Google “George Soros, Israel” to learn about this man’s hostility towards Israel as well as his support for left-wing causes. The fact that Soros would donate $750,000 to J Street confirms that J Street is up to no good when it comes to Israel.

Claims Conference Goals


The article “Holocaust Concert or Care for Survivors?” gave the impression that the two sides to the issue are the Holocaust survivors who only care for welfare while the Claims Conference only cares about concerts, remembrance and education.

As the representative of the largest umbrella organization of Holocaust survivors in the world, I would like to state loudly and clearly that nothing could be further from the truth.

Bibi Not Off The Hook


 Jonathan Mark’s “Media Watch” column, “Netanyahu Off The Hook” (Sept. 17), attempts to make the case that Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are not to be trusted, and are incapable anyway of delivering peace because of Hamas.  

On Proxy Baptism


 In reply to Jeff Brasfield’s letter (“On Mormon Proxy Baptism,” Sept.17), I’m sure Brasfield means well, but in asking why a Holocaust survivor would want to take away another’s “opportunity for Heavenly progression [i.e., posthumous Mormon baptism],” he is totally clueless.                        

The Holy City


 It was extremely disturbing to read Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s Opinion column, “And The World Shall Go Forth From Tel Aviv” (Sept. 17).  

Jerusalem’s Judaism is not “corrupted, forbidding and vindictive,” as Rabbi Hammerman stated. Quite on the contrary, it is Torah true genuine Judaism that will perpetuate undiluted Yiddishkeit for generations to come.  

Right Cartoon


 Our family has subscribed to The Jewish Week for many, many years. Dry Bones is consistently one of the best parts of the newspaper. I am amused by your description [in introducing another cartoon with a left-leaning viewpoint] that “Dry Bones draws from the right.”  

I agree with the word “right” only in the sense of correct, spot on, hits the target just about every time. This change is no improvement.  



Young Israel Unity


Over the course of my 40 years, I have regularly attended three different Young Israel synagogues. They could not be more different from one another (“Young Israel Prez: Proposed Changes Would Hurt Unity,” Sept. 10).
One forbade the singing of “Hatikvah” at shul functions while another has raised over a million dollars for Israel. One forbade co-ed Shabbatonim while another had a women’s prayer group. One forbade entry into the main sanctuary without a jacket, while it was not uncommon to see men in shorts at another.

Extending The Fast


 Elicia Brown is correct when she says she is not alone in finding the fast challenging (“Fast, But Not Furious,” All She Wrote, Sept. 17). I am hard pressed to believe that there is anyone who loves fasting. But to highlight cases of people who have made exceptions for themselves instead of focusing on those people who make an extra effort to travel out of their comfort zone on Yom Kippur is disheartening and misses the point.

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