Fresh Faces At Services


As a long-time trustee of Sutton Place Synagogue, I can attest to the great
strides our Rabbi Ain is making in attracting young adults (“How Our Synagogue Is Attracting Young Adults,” Opinion, Dec. 5).

Where’s The Justice?


A common thread runs through several Jewish Week articles (Dec. 5 issue) in reference to
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky (“Teaneck Shul Taking Steps To Rein In Rabbi Pruzansky”), Rabbi Elimelech Meisels (“As Beit Dins Spar, An Apparent Abuser Remains Free”) and Parshat Vayishlach (Sabbath Week) — a thread in which justice seems to
take a back seat.

Blogger’s Contribution


“As Beit Dins Spar, Apparent Abuser Remains Free” (Dec. 5) is a valuable article. The reporter, Rachel Delia Benaim, and The Jewish Week served the community well by exposing an alleged rapist who remains free. This story is unusual because the secret workings of Jewish religious courts (batei din) were exposed through a set of leaks on my blog, Frum Follies, and Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn’s blog, Daas Torah. Both of our blogs are heavily focused on sex abuse in the Orthodox community and have been around for more than five years. But for the postings on our blogs, many critical documents would not have been available to be quoted in this story. Yet the story never acknowledges these sources either by name or link.

Gateway For Jews


I hope Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “My Dinner With The Rebbe” (Nov. 28) will encourage others to find out why it is that Chabad has such a love for a fellow Jew. But we don’t have an exclusive on this. Learning Chabad chasidut is the gateway for every Jew to reach the same place.

When To Speak Out


At the recent JOFA conference, Rabbi Asher Lopatin is quoted as calling for
an “anti-Chofetz Chaim revolution” (“Orthodox Feminists Address `Power Imbalance,’” Nov. 28),
implying that the writings of Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (best known as The Chofetz Chaim) are somehow responsible for
the communal absence of speaking out when called for.

Sad Contrast


The imbalance of world reaction when a Jew is killed vs. an Arab  never ceases
to leave me dumbfounded (“’Do You Know How Much Tension There Is?’” Nov. 28).

Secret Ballot


“War on the Arabs”? (In reference to the headline of the Nov. 28 article, “On Friday The Rabbi Called For War On The Arabs.”) But it is Arabs who are butchering Israelis and it is the silent Arab communities who should be first in line for criticism by our Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Lacking Leadership


Regarding “On Friday The Rabbi Called For War On The Arabs,” Nov. 28: Thousands of Israelis have been killed in terrorist attacks, terminally ill
Jewish children suffer, America is in serious danger, and yet we can’t seem to understand
that sinat chinam (baseless hatred among Jews) has been the cause of much of our problems.

Celebrating A Birth


I was happy to read Sandee Brawarsky’s article, “The Eighth Day, For Girls” (Celebrations, Nov. 21).
When I was pregnant with our first child, we knew it was a girl. Like Sharon
Siegel, my husband and I were also committed to having a bat brit for our
daughter on the eighth day of her life. We began the ceremony by explaining
to our guests that what we would do for our son, we will do for our daughter.

Strong Words, No Action


Your Nov. 18 editorial (“Can Only a Beheading Evoke Horror Today?”) took issue with the response of the Obama administration to the Jerusalem massacre. “Evil acts must be thwarted, not just disapproved,” you wrote. But so far all we hear are the usual words of disapproval.

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