IDF Soldiers On Campus


There is nothing worse than sending soldiers into battle with poor intelligence. While not a crime, it has brought down many military careers and in Israel has been the subject of many inquiries and panels bringing shame and humiliation to generals and cabinet members alike.

Yet, we send Israeli soldiers into battle on college campuses with poor intelligence and, worse, with faulty ammunition.

Illness And Dating


I was saddened to read the first-person account of one anonymous woman’s struggle to live with serious illness and to date in the Orthodox community. As the founder and executive director of Sharsheret, a national organization supporting women and families of all Jewish backgrounds facing breast cancer, I have heard too often the concerns of mothers and daughters that knowledge of disease in their family may affect the ability of family members to marry.

Small Town Synagogue Woes


Man surmises, God surprises! That’s what I would say to the news that poor Lincoln Square Synagogue must halt construction for now, for lack of funds and lessening demographic prospects for the future (“Lincoln Square Halts Construction On New Shul,” Oct. 22).

There’s something about being just a tad too optimistic, shul-wise, that rings a familiar bell with me.

Questions For J Streeters


After reading several articles in the Oct. 29 issue, I truly wonder if liberal-leftist J Street Jews know why they are vilified by some in the pro-Israel Jewish community.
Do these J Street Jews have the same feelings towards their fellow Jews living under constant terrorist threat in Judea and Samaria as they have for the Arabs that desire to destroy the Jewish people?

A Place At The Table


Abby Backer, a Columbia University student, daughter of a rabbi in Wisconsin, who attended a debate on Israel at Temple Beth El in Stamford, Conn., between Alan Dershowitz and J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, is exactly the kind of young person the Jewish community should welcome with open arms. Yet, her experience at the debate made her feel like a “stranger within my own community,” she cries out in her Opinion essay, “Exclude Me At Your Own Peril” (Oct. 29).

Proud Of Israel


In her article, “Battered By Boycotts”(Oct. 15), Julie Wiener strikes an apologetic and defensive tone about Israel. She finds that “the very real power and economic inequalities between Palestinians and Israelis are hard to ignore.”
In just 62 years, Israel has provided a refuge for Holocaust survivors, provided a new home for Jews from Muslim countries, airlifted Jews from Ethiopia and taken in over a million Jews from the former Soviet Union.
I see no need to be apologetic about Israel.

On Jewish Leadership


Gary Rosenblatt’s column “Exploring the Generation Gap Among Jewish Leaders” (Oct. 29) brings out both a sense of exhilaration and exasperation. Because no new Jewish startup group is alike, we cannot generalize whether they are revitalizers or temporary fads passing in a “boutique” sort of way. Innovation and creativity are welcome at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (www.metcouncil.org); we thrive on it and it helps us improve the lives of thousands of needy people.

‘Anonymous’ Showed Integrity


I read the thoughtful piece by Anonymous (“From MS to Mrs.: Hiding in Plain Sight,” Back Of The Book, Oct. 29) with great pain, but probably not genuine surprise. I felt compelled to share my humble thoughts, given my belief in the goodness of our people, the better tomorrow and the ability of our rabbis to help us find the proper paths as we struggle with what are apparently our communal challenges.

‘Golden’ Era


Congratulations. The Oct. 22 issue contained a brilliant review of the writings and life of Harry Golden (“Race And Identity In The ‘Golden’ Era,” by Eliza McGraw).
I thought the article handled a controversial writer with warmth, integrity and understanding.

American Jewish Historical Society


Jewish Group Is Anti-Israel


You are correct in your reporting that Jewish Voice for Peace takes care not to portray itself as anti-Israel (“ADL List Fuels Debate Over What’s Anti-Israel,” Oct. 22), and a quick reading of its website suggests that it is merely a strong critic of Israel’s policies regarding the West Bank and Gaza, advocates shifting more political power to Israel’s Arab citizens, and that it promotes boycotts of Israel-based businesses in furtherance of those goals.

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