Intelligent Advocacy Needed


Education before advocacy (“We’ve Got It Backward, Israel Education Should Come First,” Between The Lines, July 22) sounds reasonable. But look at what is defined as education — “what Israel can and should be,” emphasis of the “facts” and Israel as a “work in progress” which “must maintain standards of pluralism, tolerance and morality held dear by American Jews.”

Questions Accuracy


Hella Winston’s coverage of Leiby Keltzky’s z’l abduction was not on a par with the caliber of article one expects from The Jewish Week. Her insinuation regarding Shomrim (an organization that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly described in laudatory terms) and her mistaken and unsubstantiated claim of the killer being acquainted with Leiby lead me to question the accuracy of your reporter.


Baseless Hatred


Shomrim under scrutiny? Only by the increasingly anti-Orthodox Jewish Week. Indeed, it was vulgar for The Jewish Week to attack the Borough Park community as they were sitting shiva for a murdered 8-year-old (“Tragedy In Borough Park Puts Shomrim Under Scrutiny,” July 22).

Defining Peace Parameters


In his letter to The Jewish Week (“Koch Off Base,” July 29), Richard H. Schwartz comments: “Like most U.S Jews and many Israeli and security experts, Obama recognizes that a just, sustainable, comprehensive two-state solution is essential in order for Israel to avoid another intifada...”

Speed Up Ethiopian Aliyah


I read with great interest Jane Alpert’s moving article on her experience visiting the Jewish community remaining in Ethiopia (“Family Journeys, Opinion, July 29).

Texas Call To Prayer


On Aug. 6, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will host “A Call to Prayer,” an all-day Christian fast and prayer service seeking Divine assistance for the health, security and prosperity of our nation.

As an Orthodox rabbi, I was touched by his public recognition of the limited role government can play in fixing problems rooted in the spirit, in self-centered values and near-sighted vision.

Memories And Connections


I feel the searing pain of the recent fire at the Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ) in an unusual number of ways (“Catastrophe, But Not A Tragedy,” July 15). The original Rabbi M. Z. Ramaz Margolies, of blessed memory, was born in the Lithuanian town of Meretz, as was one of his most prominent supporters at the KJ, Harry Fischel, of blessed memory, the once world-famous philanthropist, my late great-grandfather, (whose Hebrew name I bear with appreciation).

Misplaced Priorities


Regarding “Chewing On Jewish Decline” (July 8): for The Jewish Week, the real measure of Jewish life is bagels? Your July 1 front-page contained a similar example of distorted priorities — “freedom” for a Russian immigrant was gay marriage (but no comment from the rest of the Russian community). Still another example is the specialty of Associate Editor Julie Wiener: intermarriage.

Koch Off Base


Former Mayor Ed Koch’s suggestion that Jews should vote against Democratic candidate David Weprin in order to protest President Barack Obama’s policies on Israel is ridiculous on a number of counts (“Battle Is On To Succeed Weiner,” July 15).

Housing Solution


In Joshua Mitnick’s article about the protesters in Israel demanding affordable housing, he cites various factors that have caused this problem (“Tent City Protests Spread,” July 22).

What’s needed is a private-public partnership, a combination of having kibbutzim and moshavim develop affordable housing with the aid of the Israeli government and private charities, such as the combined resources of the Jewish federation system. In that way funds for the building of affordable housing can be part of the solution.

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