Arts Funding

President and CEO, Foundation for Jewish Culture

We are delighted that Eric Herschthal took time to research the state of arts funding in the Jewish world (“The Mixed Canvas Of Jewish Arts Funding,” Sept. 23). A few clarifications are in order.

The commissioning of the work, “Monajat,” itself cost $10,000, not $100,000 — a relatively modest amount as these things go. The entirety of the New Jewish Culture Network, including stipends for presenting the work at venues across the country, national marketing and PR, and staff costs, came to about $100,000.

The Lessons Of Appeasement


Regarding your editorial, “Arab Spring, Awful Autumn” (Sept. 26): An oft-stated message from President Barack Obama is “elections have consequences.”

While the president used this refrain, with its not-so-subtle antagonism, more often in the earlier and heady days of his presidency, it is as true a lesson today as it was then. Therein we find one of the very few silver linings of the difficult situation Israel finds itself in today.

Strong PA Needed For Peace


Your editorial, “Arab Spring, Awful Autumn” (Sept. 16), gets it right when it says that now is the time to turn feelings of love for Israel into action. However, that action needs to take the form of working for a real resolution to this conflict by pushing our elected officials to make bold moves towards a negotiated peace.

Crown Heights Coverage Omission


Thank you for your extended and excellent coverage last month of the 20th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots. However, your newspaper failed to mention the valiant efforts of one significant individual: my friend and mentor, Franklyn H. Snitow.

‘Exodus’ As Fiction


In your Sept. 9 issue, Jerome Chanes reviews a book that analyzes Leon Uris’ “Exodus” (“’Exodus’ And The Americanization Of Israel’s Founding”). His review is mostly about “Exodus” itself, however, and it is surprising.

In two places he acknowledges that “Exodus” is indeed a novel, but the rest of the time he critiques it as if it were a history textbook. He criticizes it continually for containing historical “misrepresentations, half-truths and outright inaccuracies.”

Koch Endorsement Questionable


Former New York Mayor Ed Koch broke from political ranks and longstanding allegiances to support a Republican in New York’s 9th Congressional District instead of a Democrat.

Notice, I did not use either candidate’s name in describing them. In essence, neither did Koch.

Israel Issue In N.Y. Race


Regarding the race to succeed Democrat Anthony Weiner in New York’s 9th Congressional District, here’s what has changed in the Jewish community, as evidenced by the election of Bob Turner rather than David Weprin: In the past (as in the case of President Jimmy Carter), it would have been sufficient for a local Jewish Democratic or Republican candidate to say that he/she supports Israel and opposes the president’s policies concerning Israel.

Based On A Covenant


Your front-page discussion about whether Judaism is a religion or a culture was very interesting but somehow misses an important element (Sept. 2). Today more than ever, we need to be as inclusive as possible, and by focusing on just these two aspects of Judaism, we leave a large percentage of Jews out of the picture.

Religion Or Culture


When I saw the headline in the Sept. 2 Jewish Week regarding whether Judaism is a religion or culture, I couldn’t wait to read the opinions of your writers.

The Torah never refers to the Jewish people as a religious group and never labels Judaism as a religion. Rather, we Jews are called a nation in the Torah, and Judaism is the name of the Covenant that the Jewish nation establishes with God at Sinai.

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