Airbrushing History


I must respond to the assertion that Pope Pius XII did what he could to save European Jewry (Letters, Nov. 25). This is an attempt to airbrush history.

The fact is that the Catholic Church was the one institution that could have prevented the mass deportation and extermination of European Jewry. It is admitted that some national churches, i.e. the Church in Holland did what they could to protest deportation.

Up To The Community


Your editorial, “Celebrating Women’s Advances,” (Nov. 22), correctly extols the accomplishments of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance in all areas, except for their inability to persuade the Orthodox rabbinate to apply existing halachic principles that would allow for a systemic solution to the agunah problem, the most egregious plight facing Orthodoxy today.

You state, “Perhaps if the rabbis thought of their daughters in that unfortunate place of the agunah, they would be spurred to act.”

Questions For Mormons


Gary Rosenblatt’s column (“Romney Or Not, We Can Learn From The Mormons,” Nov. 25) offering a Jewish perspective on Mitt Romney’s candidacy in next year’s presidential election is eminently timely, but begs for attention to some serious issues concerning Mormonism’s possible impingement on the candidate’s suitability for the highest political office.

Here are three questions among others that warrant consideration:

Not Just For Republicans


In Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Romney Or Not, We Can Learn From The Mormons” (Nov. 25), I was puzzled by his comment that Mitt Romney is an attractive candidate for “Jewish Republicans.” 

Why limit Romney’s Jewish appeal to Republicans? Especially when the current occupant of the White House has been so hostile to Israel and other Jewish interests.

This coming election will prove (again, after Bob Turner’s victory) that the Democrats do not have the lock on the Jewish vote that they once did.

Kosher Consumers


Reading “Kosher Butchers Cutting Closer To The Bone” (Oct. 28) one would mistakenly conclude that only stores outside the kosher community offer savings.

My family has been in the kosher food business for half a century and offering, from day one, the best possible value. My father, Sam Brach, of blessed memory, considered making kosher food affordable his life’s mission.

We, the stores in the kosher community, take very seriously the responsibility to serve our people. We stock the full line of most of the brands we carry.

‘Buy Israel’ Misleading


The Jewish Week’s call to “buy Israel” in the framework of “Buy Israel Week” (Editorial, Nov.11) is well intentioned, but misleading. Specifically, the “Buy Israel Week” campaign makes absolutely no distinction between Israel and Israeli settlements in the West Bank. As a result, “Buy Israel Week” would have us buy from Tekoa, the settlement home of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, as quickly as we would buy from Tel Aviv.

Pride In Firearms


Congratulations on the excellent “Buy Israel Week” special section (Nov. 18). Let’s not forget that Israel also manufactures and exports some of the finest firearms in the world, through companies such as Israel Weapons Industries in Ramat Hasharon and Bul Transmark in Tel Aviv. Instead of owning an Austrian Glock or a German Sig Sauer, Jews, where legally allowed, cancarry “Made in Israel” with pride.

Federation Solution Not New


The latest in a series of bureaucratic responses to the day-school-and-yeshiva-funding nightmare comes from UJA-Federation of New York’s Deborah Joselow (“New Ways to Tackle the Day-School Tuition Crunch,” Opinion, Nov. 18). Joselow’s eponymous “new ways” in fact are old ways; commendable though UJA-Federation’s initiatives are, there is nothing “new” in hitting up foundations and going for the dugs of government.

Prenup Not Enough


While we agree with Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann that couples should sign a prenuptial agreement, we disagree with him about its being a solution for the agunah problem (“A Long-Term Solution To The Agunah Problem,” Opinion, Nov. 11). Contrary to what Rabbi Weissmann wrote about the efficacy of his prenuptial, we have dealt with cases in which that prenuptial did not protect agunot from being held hostage and extorted by their recalcitrant husbands.

Two Low Blows


In his defense of the National Council of Young Israel, Abe Krieger (Letters, Nov. 18) feels it necessary to take two low blows towards his fellow Jews. He says anyone unhappy with his or her local Young Israel should “walk or drive down the block to the Conservative Temple.”

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