This Time Jewish Week Is Right


The Jewish Week will be accused
of publishing lashon hora [slander] just as it was when it reported on Rabbi Baruch Lanner in 2000.

Troubling Incidents


Every single thing that is written in this article [on Rav Bina] is 100 percent true. I know this because in my relatively short three-month stint in Yeshivat Hakotel over 10 years ago I personally experienced every single one of them … and more.

I was called every name (the name that stuck and that I was called publicly by Rav Bina was “cancer” and or “poison”), banned from attending classes, abused physically by Rav Bina’s faithful sidekick, sent to therapy, told I was violent and much more.

Highest Level Of Care


This is a shameful article.

I have Rav Bina to thank for the fact that I still take time out to learn and for the fact that I am constantly looking to grow. Despite this slander, Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh will continue to have the highest amount of students every year, will continue to have the most second-year students for a yeshiva of its kind, and will continue to not only guide students to have the best student-to-staff ratio (3-to-1 last time I checked), to ensure

that Netiv Aryeh students have the highest level of care.

Anonymous Account No Less True


Mr. Packer implies that anonymity casts doubt on the veracity of an account; in my case it actually is my attempt to avoid being victimized all over again. An anonymous account is no less true than one that has a name attached.

Although it is true that I was over 18 at the time of these events, I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that this gives license to physical assault. Regarding the circumstances of what happened to me, let me be clear that I was called to task for being caught going to Ben Yehuda Street, and not for being drunk. 

Rav Bina Article Based On Hearsay


I have long admired the courage of The Jewish Week to tackle issues that impact the members of our community. However, I cannot begin to express my disappointment with your recent article about Netiv Aryeh and Rav Bina (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far?” Jan. 27).

Koch Charmed By Obama


Ed Koch is a good man and we are fortunate to have his voice in support of Israel (N.Y. Minute, Jan. 20).

Unfortunately, he has now been charmed by President Barack Obama into believing that Israel has a friend in the White House. Obama dislikes Israel and if re-elected he will implement the policies of Jimmy Carter. I hope that Mr. Koch regains his critical eye prior to the November presidential election and will again speak out against Obama when appropriate. 

Staten Island

Freud’s Judaism


Eric Herschthal voices concerns regarding Freud’s Judaism — the fact that he “never renounced his Judaism. But he often distanced himself from Jewish beliefs” (“Freud, Schmeud,” Dec. 30).

I’m reminded of the joke about the Jewish atheist parents who wanted to get their kids the best possible education where they lived, so they sent them to a private Catholic school. After the first day, the dad asked, “So what did you learn today?”

Bibi And The New York Times


Ari Goldman’s media column, “Bibi’s Missed Opportunity: An Op-Ed In The Times” (Dec. 30) misses the point that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, through senior adviser Ron Dermer, drew a line in the sands of history by taking the opportunity to lay out the role the Times plays in the asymmetrical war of words waged against Israel. A war in which the truth matters naught, fact checking is suspended and information that might place Palestinians in an unflattering light is not published.

Abuse Must Be Opposed


Over my many years of day school education I have encountered principals whose behavior I considered to be emotionally abusive. I always wondered why these people were allowed to continue to behave this way in schools that prided themselves on their commitment to Torah and Torah values (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far?” Jan. 27).

Distraught And Offended


I am distraught and personally offended by the article written about Rav Bina (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far”? Jan. 27).

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