50th Anniversary


 This month marks the 50th anniversary of what has become, after “Hatikvah,” the second Jewish national anthem — Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s “Am Yisrael Chai.”

One Reservation


I have one reservation about Gary Rosenblatt’s excellent column (“Preparing For College? Consider The Israel Factor,” April 17). It regards inclusion
of the Ari Shavit book, “My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel” [as recommended for reading].

European Anti-Semitism


It has become fashionable in some circles to claim that European
anti-Semitism will not disappear until the “Palestinian issue” is resolved. Really? So what was the excuse for European anti-Semitism when there was no
”Palestinian issue”?

Survey On Synagogue Dues


Regarding the article, “Synagogue Dues And Don’ts” (April 10), several questions must be answered for a reader to think that the results
stated in the UJA-Federation study of voluntary pledging, are valid, reliable and not spurious. 

Synagogue Dues


The article about voluntary synagogue dues is generally good. (“Synagogue Dues, And Don’ts” (April 10). However, it
seems to focus on dues being expensive.

Disagrees With Everett


Arguing that there is nothing the U.S. can do to get the other major powers to stop Iran, Edith Everett (Opinion, April 17) asks: “If President Obama could not demand of Israel, our closest and most dependent ally, a cessation of settlement building, a relatively simple request, can he make demands on China and Russia, our generally unreliable negotiating partners?”

Agrees With Everett


Edith Everett’s recent Opinion column, “Why The Iran Deal Makes Sense”
(April 17), is a levelheaded perspective on the Iran nuclear deal and an
all-too-rare exposition of the prevailing opinion within the American Jewish

One Reason For Survival


Menachem Rosensaft is a deep thinker and eloquent writer about the Holocaust (“Extending The Holocaust Legacy,” Opinion, April 17).

The Legacy Continues


Menachem Rosensaft’s Opinion piece, “Extending The Holocaust Legacy” (April 17), caused me to reflect on my childhood, which led to my serving as head librarian at Martef Hashoah.
I was born in Transylvania and both parents
and older brother are survivors, each with a story. When we fled Communism, we
were first headed to Haifa via Italy with HIAS assistance. But at the last
minute, an uncle, a Holocaust survivor, was found in the U.S., and he agreed to
sponsor us. So I wound up in America, for most of my life, until I made
aliyah, and commenced a new career in Holocaust studies.

Simplifying Reality On Iran


Regarding Edith Everett’s online Opinion piece, “Why The Iran Deal Makes Sense,” easy choices are hard to come by, and thus one often has to simplify reality
in order to justify one choice or another.

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