Israel Says Fatal Shooting Of Palestinian Teen Was In Error


Two Palestinian teens were killed during West Bank clashes with the Israeli military, including one who Israel said was shot in error.

The Sound of Silence


The sound of silence following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s
admonishment of the United Nations General Assembly for not uttering a peep in
the face of Iran’s repeated pledge in its chambers to eradicate Israel speaks
mountains about the status relegated the sole Middle East democracy by the
world peacekeeping organization.

Crude Cartoon Portrayal


The cartoon in the Oct. 2 issue about the BDS movement — with its crude ethnic portrayal of Arab and Muslim-looking men, and the text “Muslim Student Association” across the chest of one of them — does a deep disservice to the challenges facing Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus.

Call To Action


To the extent that all Jews are responsible for each other, Shulem Deen’s Opinion piece, “Chasidic Schools Ensure Ignorance And Poverty” (Sept. 18) on the tragedy of Jewish youth failing to receive any meaningful secular education is more than just important. It is a call to action.

No Intellectual Wasteland


Regarding “Yeshiva Reformers Brace For Fight As Cause Catches On” (Sept. 11): Yeshivas aren’t intellectual wastelands. Talmud study is highly challenging
and builds the brain like nothing else. That’s why Koreans, who have no
interest in converting to Judaism, teach it to their children.

On Rabbi Rosenblatt


 I was very pained in reading Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “In Riverdale, Split Deepens Over Rabbi” (Sept. 25). 

Polish Comparisons


This summer I was among some 50 people who went on the Heritage Tour of Poland’s Jewish
History. Helen Chernikoff’s excellent article about two young people’s
upbeat experience with mezuzah traces (“Tracing Poland’s Past, And Its Future,” Sept. 25) rekindled memories of our trip which I
would like to juxtapose with theirs.

Intentional Neglect


I am thrilled to see Shulem Deen publicizing the intentional neglect of basic
education in the chasidic world and implying there appears to be a still
darker (illegal) side (“Chasidic Schools Ensure Ignorance And Poverty,” Opinion, Sept. 18).

Grateful To YU

Executive Director, Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy

As the grateful wife of a Yeshiva University employee and mother of a student at Stern
College, I am writing to congratulate Richard Joel on the creation of the Center for the Jewish Future (“Existentially, Yeshiva Is Not In Trouble,” Sept. 18). 

Upsetting Protest


After attending Iddo Netanyahu’s play, “A Happy End” (“The Handwriting On The Wall,” Well Versed blog, March 13), at City College, I write to share my experience. 

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