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From Model Seders To Chupahs: Everyone Wants To Be A Shtickle Jewish

Families shopping for kosher l’Pesach food items. Couples marrying under a chupah, signing a ketubah, breaking a glass.

Some recent stories in American newspapers.

Old news.

But none of the above are Jewish.

As we wring our hands about Jewish continuity, asking who will carry on Jewish traditions, the answer appears more and more to be: gentiles.

Why Newsweek’s “Top 50 American Rabbis” is a Waste of Time


I guess the encouragement of griping is part of the sly logic of Newsweek’s “America’s Top 50 Rabbis List,” which was published yesterday.  It’s the sixth year of the list and, while increasingly becoming part of the Jewish landscape, it still seems kind of odd.  After all, how did a mainstream magazine manage to foment interest in such a picayune topic as communal Jewish leadership?  

Mounting Concern Over Egyptian Elections


With the first round of presidential elections in Egypt coming up in late May, the field is tightening up. And the prospects for those of us concerned about Israel are increasingly grim.

Chabad Schoolgirls' Facebook Fight

A month after talk-show diva Oprah highlighted the warm and fuzzy side of Chabad Crown Heights on her new show, the rebbe’s neighborhood is back in this news, this time thanks to a girls’ school’s Facebook crackdown.

Muslim and Jewish Women: Sisters in Tzniut?

Muslim And Jewish Women: Sisters In Tzniut?

At first blush, religious Muslim and Jewish women may not seem to have
much in common given the power of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to
dominate conversation and sour relations between the two groups.

But an article in today’s New York Times about a new Turkish magazine

Is Tzipi Livni’s Political Career Over?


The stunning, lopsided primary victory Tuesday of Shaul Mofaz to oust Tzipi Livni as head of the opposition Kadima Party may have ended Livni’s political career — and possibly the party itself.

That was the assessment of many political pundits after Mofaz received 61.7 percent of the vote to Livni’s 37.2 percent. 

The Fuhrer As Pitch Man.

In Turkey, the furor over the Fuhrer is over.

Last week, the Turkish Jewish community was enraged when a Turkish sports channel carried a shampoo commercial that featured Adolf Hitler. Over archival footage of the dictator at a rally were dubbed the words, “If you are not wearing women’s dress, you shouldn’t be using women’s shampoo either!”

A “huge insult to human rights,” said the leaders of Turkish Jewry. “Unacceptable,” said Turkey’s chief rabbi. “The ad is also demeaning to women.”

The High Court And The Four Questions

We may be less than two weeks away from Passover, but the folks at the Supreme Court can’t seem to wait.  This week all eyes are on The Four Questions before them—that is, the four main issues they’ll have to decide concerning the legality of the health care law.  In case you haven’t been following, the Court has broken down the challenges to four main issues, with the most important one—the legality of the individual mandate, the part of the law that requires all Americans to have health insurance, or pay a fine—being debated today.

Introducing The Yad

Today we’re rolling out a new staff blog: The Yad: On Point with Today’s News. Why another blog, you ask? Because The Jewish Week feels it needs a space to comment on each day’s most interesting stories. As a weekly paper, it isn’t always easy getting ink on important news that may, nonetheless, disappear in 24 hours. And while we already have individual reporters writing their own blogs, The Yad will have the strength of our entire newsroom behind it.

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