Remembering Ginga: A Holocaust Survivor's Eulogy

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Our grandmother, Regina Littman Sperling, passed away on October 14th at age 88. Because the number of Holocaust survivors is sadly and rapidly dwindling, we wanted to share some memories about what a unique and blessed life she lived and what her loss means to us.

We called her Ginga, because when Jen was a baby I couldn’t say Regina, so I started to call her that, and it has been her name ever since.

Born Rebecca, Rivkah Leah, in 1924 in Bolechov, Poland, she was a teenager when the Holocaust began. 

Regina Littman Sperling with her husband, Leon, in the 1990s.

‘Liberals’ And ‘Leftists’ Are Not The Same

Special To The Jewish Week

All too often I hear people in the pro-Israel community lump together “liberals” and “leftists,” suggesting that these two distinct worldviews are equally critical of Israel. Such imprecise language does not help us improve Israel’s standing in the U.S. Liberals and leftists see the world in very different ways, and those differences matter in how we advance understanding of Israel in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at two disparate ideological archetypes:

David Bernstein

Establishing A Soviet Jewry Liberation Day


As we are about to mark the 25th anniversary on Dec. 6 of the historic march on Washington by an estimated 250,000 people on behalf of Soviet Jewry, I believe the time has come to establish a day of commemoration to be included on the U.S. Jewish communal agenda, memorializing one of the great redemptions of Jewish history, which we were privileged to witness in our time.

Jacob Birnbaum

Diary Of A Rabbi On An Emergency Mission In Israel: When Your Home Is In Danger, You Come Home


Day One: Tuesday, Nov. 20                                                                                                    

How To Make Nov. 27 A Special Day


There was a time, not that long age, when Thanksgiving opened the season of giving. Now it opens up the season of buying. Black Friday and Cyber Monday now define this time of the year. It is of course wonderful to give and receive gifts to and from friends and relatives. We should be happy as Americans to see consumerism strong in a time where our economy is so challenged. Nonetheless, something is being lost in the shuffle.

Why This Gaza Conflict Was Different

'Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclinations.'

This one was different.

Yes, the missile and rocket fire into the population centers of southern Israel caused panic, anxiety and quite a bit of understandable distress. As in previous wars, I, along with many other behavioral health clinicians, were called upon to help man special "stress teams" that worked with local officials dealing with the many issues that could develop in a population under constant threat. And yes, people ran, people screamed and people did need to know where to go to for psychological support.

Irwin Mansdorf

The Invisible Victims Of The Gaza Conflict

Special To The Jewish Week

While the devastation in Gaza continues to unfold daily on our television sets, and great attention is paid to the cost of the fighting for Gaza’s civilians, very little is reported by the international media about how the children in southern Israel are handling the stress. 

With more than 9,000 rockets launched into southern Israel since 2006, and hundreds more in recent days, many of these children have literally grown up in a state of terror. No place is this more apparent than in the western Negev town of Sderot.

First-Hand Report: How We’re Helping Israelis

Special To The Jewish Week

These are the days that remind us what it means to be a people. Last week, a group of Israelis came to New York to volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. This week, I traveled to Israel as a representative of UJA-Federation of New York on a Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) solidarity mission. The irony isn’t lost on any of us — Americans or Israelis. But this is how we take care of one another.

Eric S. Goldstein

A Turning Point For Disability Advocates?

One-day conference may mark the beginning of a new era in Jewish communal attitudes.

Despite good intentions by the organized Jewish community and some model programs, for years it has largely fallen to the parents of children with mental illness, intellectual, physical, learning, social and other disabilities and differences to battle for "a place at the table" for their children in Jewish day schools, synagogues and summer camps.

Judaism Honors Our Children's Questions


Judaism offers much wisdom to help people in our communities cultivate the resilience to recover from the aftereffects of Sandy, a storm that created a unique situation affecting an estimated 54 million people in 24 states.

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