Why Judaism Needs Journalism

12/29/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

There’s a tendency in the Jewish world to look for big solutions to big problems. One of those problems is the disheartening fact that most Jews today are simply not that interested in Judaism.

David Suissa

U.S. Shouldn't Immediately Veto Statehood Resolution

At U.N., United States should first use situation as an opportunity to shape meaningful negotiations.

12/23/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

In recent days, there has been a flurry of diplomatic activity centering around the possibility of a new United Nations Security Council resolution aimed at setting forth a framework to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dylan Williams Via Twitter.com

A Jewpanese Couple At The Party

It’s absurd to suggest that we can turn back from demographic trends of intercultural, inter-religious and interracial blending.

12/21/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

As thrilled and honored as I was to represent my organization at the White House Chanukah Party on December 17, and be in the same room with the First Lady and President of the United States (and Gwyneth Paltrow apparently, though I sadly didn’t see her), I shared a particular pride with only a handful of others in the room. The rabbi leading the blessings during the menorah lighting for the 500-plus “machers,” as she called us, was born to an Asian mother and an Ashkenazi father — just like my son.

Yurika and Paul Golin

What If Israeli-Palestinian Security Coordination Ends?

The Second Intifada teaches us to be wary about claims that 'they' need it more than 'us.'

12/17/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

In March 2010, as part of my Zionist group’s annual week-long “Israel Symposium,” I visited Ramallah, the West Bank capital of the Palestinian Authority. As our bus wended its way into its  well-ordered main streets, we were greeted by the sight of a heavily-armed force in helmets and body armor.  Could they possibly have been assembled on our account, we wondered?  No, as was later explained, the high-profile visitor of the day was “Lula”— Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva — then the President of Brazil.

The emblem of the Palestinian National Security Forces. Wikimedia Commons

Shedding No Tears For Dead Palestinian Terror Minister

12/11/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

A Palestinian terrorist who murdered innocent Israeli children and maimed a Connecticut housewife — was accidentally killed this week when he joined an Arab mob surging towards some Israeli soldiers. The fact that the terrorist wore a tie and held the position of deputy minister in the Palestinian Authority did not make him any less of a murderer, or any more deserving of anyone’s sympathy.

Walking My Mother To The Gates

12/11/2014 - 19:00

Everyone dies. I learned this fact as a child. As I got older, I came to expect I’d losemy parents. Such is the nature of life (and God forbid it be otherwise). But knowingthis information did not prepare me for walking my mother to The Gates.

Israel's Eric Garner Incident

12/11/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Police confront a man with compromised health status who resists their demands to comply. In the course of an escalating physical scuffle, the man suffers blows to the chest, but the most dramatic action captured on camera is of an officer grabbing at the man's throat. Shortly after this, the man collapses and dies. Protests and public outrage spread throughout the land. 

Honor guard surround the coffin during funeral of Minister Ziad Abu Ein on Dec. 11. Getty Images

Fatal Falls. Car Crashes. Stabbings. Terrorism?

12/09/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

The current spate of violence in Israel has included a number of attacks that look different from past incidents: They are low-tech in terms of weaponry and involve smaller numbers of people; sometimes, the victims and perpetrators know each other.

We may define terrorism as politically-motivated attacks on non-combatants in a conflict. But are some incidents being called terrorism when they may be something else?  

Ralph Seliger

Recalling A Too-Little-Appreciated Editor

12/08/2014 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

A star disappeared from the Jewish cosmos some weeks ago, and only a handful of people noticed the loss. Maier Deshell, who died on Simchat Torah eve, was far from a household name, yet, as the longtime editor of the Jewish Publication Society, he forever enriched the world of Jewish letters. The small circle of friends and family he left behind has mourned his passing, but his contributions need to be more widely known and celebrated.

Francine Klagbrun

Eric Garner, Jacob And Esau: The Ethics Of Confrontation

12/08/2014 - 19:00

Editor’s Note: Following is a copy of the sermon Rabbi Weiss delivered at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale on Dec. 6, Parshat Vayishlach:

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