On BDS, Bring More Minority Students To Israel


David Makovsky, a former U.S. official in the Office of the Secretary of State involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations (2013-14), is the Ziegler distinguished fellow and director of the Washington Institute for Near East Peace Policy Project on the Middle East Peace Process.

09/13/2016 - 23:06
Special To The Jewish Week

Over the last eight years I have made more than 120 campuse visits around the country, from large state universities to small colleges, talking about Israel, the Palestinians and the Mideast conflict.

What Do You Want For Your Child’s Jewish Education?

09/13/2016 - 11:49
Special To The Jewish Week

The start of school — and the Jewish New Year — offers parents a renewed opportunity to engage in a reflective goal-setting process around our children’s Jewish education. What skills do we want our children to have in order to be able to live Jewish lives and participate in Jewish rituals and communal activities? What stories, texts, characters, historical figures, events, prayers, laws and customs do we want our children to know about? What attitudes, values and feelings do we want them to have toward Judaism? What do we think it means to be Jewishly educated? 

Lisa Exler

Vilified Austin Rabbi Explains His Intentions

09/09/2016 - 14:43

Editor’s Note: Following is an excerpt from the rabbi’s message to his congregants in the wake of a controversy that arose over the draft of an itinerary for a planned, 15-day, 2017 Israel trip that included a stop at the grave of Yasir Arafat.

OU’s New Women’s Commission: Sadly, More Of The Same

09/09/2016 - 14:40

Jewish Week editor Gary Rosenblatt recently reported that the Orthodox Union (OU) has chosen a group of seven rabbis for the purpose of providing, according to the OU, “guidance regarding the ordination of women and related issues such as the broadest spectrum of professional roles within the shul that a woman can perform,” (“OU Grapples With Roles Of Women In Clergy,” Aug. 5). 

Avi Weiss

The Branding Of Jewish Education

09/06/2016 - 15:02
Special To The Jewish Week

For years, products and services talked about differences. Tastier, faster, bigger, the most graduates who made Harvard, the percentage who married Jews. All are claims.

Jesse Cogan

How The State Department Is Combating Anti-Semitism

09/06/2016 - 10:44
Special To The Jewish Week

The end of any presidential term is an appropriate time for assessment and analysis. One of the major issues that we Jews continue to be concerned about is the current state of anti-Semitism, which has surged to unprecedented post-World War II levels. This leads to the frequently asked question: Beyond private organizations and activists who struggle with today’s manifestations of history’s oldest hate, what exactly is the U.S. government doing to combat anti-Semitism?

Mark Weitzman

The Ethical Imperative Of Organ Donation

A surgeon asked an Orthodox patient, "Why are your people willing to take organs but not donate them?"

08/30/2016 - 18:27
Special To The Jewish Week

I recently received an office visit from an Orthodox Jewish patient in my pulmonology practice whose life was saved with a lung transplant. There is nothing more satisfying and dramatic than seeing someone who not long ago was suffocating to death from an incurable lung disease return to my office without the need for oxygen, radiating health and life, accompanied by his or her overjoyed family. These rejuvenated patients have been given the gift of life-saving organs from a brain-dead patient whose family allowed the donation.

Kenneth Prager

A New Approach To Dealing With Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox

08/30/2016 - 17:45
Special To The Jewish Week

In recent years, a dramatic social, political and legal struggle has been waged against the charedi, or ultra-Orthodox, “society of scholars” in Israel, those who devote their lives to Torah study.

Yedidia Stern

Women’s Rabbinic Roles Accepted In Israel. Why Not Here?

08/23/2016 - 11:33
Special To The Jewish Week

Ever since the first exile of the Jewish people in 586 BCE, there have been multiple centers of Jewry. While most elements of Jewish life were centralized during the first temple era, everything changed when the leaders of the Jewish people were exiled to Babylonia.

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Respecting The Right To Private Property

08/16/2016 - 17:35
Special To The Jewish Week

The contrast between what is legally permissible and what is right was put into sharp relief in a recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal regarding Holocaust restitution. The court upheld the constitutionality of legislation that would limit the rights of claimants in Warsaw.

Gideon Taylor
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