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Sharansky Urges Equal Prayer At Wall

Historic plan seen as victory for pluralism; ‘one Western Wall for one Jewish people.’

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Charged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come up with a Solomonic solution to the growing controversy over women’s prayer at Judaism’s holiest site, Natan Sharansky, the chair of the Jewish Agency for Israel, is prepared to recommend a bold plan to allow any and all Jews to pray at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

Gary Rosenblatt

Healing Broken Souls

The story of Beit T’Shuvah, a unique L.A. community: part rehab center, part chavurah.

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During a recent interview in my office with Mark Borovitz and Harriet Rossetto, the guiding lights of Beit T’Shuvah: The House of Return, a unique community in Los Angeles that combines spiritual and psychotherapeutic approaches to addiction recovery, I became increasingly impressed with their work and their own life stories.

Gary Rosenblatt

Can Anybody Critique Funders' Choices?

We're all free to comment, but the holders of the purse strings make the decisions.

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Philanthropist Michael Steinhardt is one of the key founders and funders of the Birthright Israel program, providing free 10-day trips to young Jews from around the world.

Gary Rosenblatt

We Talk A Good Game

Editor and Publisher much, if any, cooperation and collaboration can there be — or should there be — among Reform, Conservative and Orthodox communities, starting with their rabbis?

Gary Rosenblatt

A More Balanced Picture

New and authentic films will counter Israel's negative image.

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I was relieved and not at all disappointed last month when neither of the Israeli entries for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards came home with the prize. I felt badly that the two films representing Israel, “The Gatekeepers” and “5 Broken Cameras,” cinematically compelling as they were, took aim at the country’s alleged faults rather than its miraculous accomplishments, sending a skewed message around the world.

JCPA Tables Gay Marriage Resolution

Striving for consensus, public affairs council honors OU's objection.

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There are two resolutions up for proposal at the two-day annual policy plenum of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), starting Sunday in Washington, D.C. One advocates for fair pay, and the other for gun control. But the talk among the delegates will be about a third resolution that won’t be on the agenda.

Don't Confront, Educate

Jewish students' aversion to conflict prompts pro-Israel activists to shift tactics on campus.

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There is a crisis regarding perceptions of Israel on college campuses today. But it’s probably not the one you think it is.

Gary Rosenblatt

Has Jewish Infighting Finally Hit Bottom?

We need a full-time professional to get us to talk to one another.

Editor and Publisher

It strikes me as praiseworthy, and more than a little sad, that the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York has created a position called “director of Jewish intracommunal affairs.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Rabbi Hartman's Judaism Of Many Rooms

A brilliant thinker, he let others debate whether he remained in the Orthodox fold.

Editor and Publisher

“Would you like to win a Pulitzer Prize?” Rabbi David Hartman asked me one day, a number of years ago.

I said sure, and wondered why he asked.

David Hartman

The Jewish Museum You’ve Never Been To

Why does the Museum of Tolerance fly under the radar?

Editor and Publisher

One of the best-kept secrets in the New York Jewish community most certainly is the Museum of Tolerance in Midtown — and not by design.

Gary Rosenblatt
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