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If You Build It, Will They Come?

Years late and way over budget, a new home holds Lincoln Square Synagogue's hopes for a revival.

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Officials of Lincoln Square Synagogue know full well that people on the Upper West Side, and beyond,

Gary Rosenblatt

Serving Their Country After Serving Time

Avigdor Lieberman, who stepped down as foreign minister of Israel last week and has been indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust, is still hopeful of playing a key role in the next government, with elections three weeks ago.

He may well be right.

Lieberman: Wouldn't be the first felon to return to Israeli politics.

As Old Year Fades, Will This Be A Renew Year?

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Looking back over 2012 and ahead to 2013 — halfway through my 20th year in this post and completing my 40th in Jewish journalism — I sometimes grow weary, feeling that, to paraphrase King Solomon in Ecclesiastes, “There are no new headlines under the sun.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Hawk Or Dove On The Mideast, I Disagree With You

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I really try to avoid the endless left vs. right discussions on how Israel should proceed in dealing with the Palestinians these days. It’s not that I have nothing to say on this vital debate, but rather that I have much to say — on both sides of the issue.

Truth is, I find it upsetting when people insist they have “the answer” to the Israeli-Palestinian problem. If it were all so simple, wouldn’t we have arrived at a solution decades ago?

Gary Rosenblatt

Calls For Change To Chief Rabbinate

The rabbis have too much power over Americans' religious lives.

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An election takes place in the coming year in Israel that will have an impact on the life of every Jew in the world. And unlike the Jan. 22 vote to determine the next Knesset and prime minister, this one comes only once a decade.

Gary Rosenblatt

BJ Rabbis Went Too Far

American Jews should express opinions about Israel with the humility of non-combatants.


We American Jews get bent out of shape when we’re accused of dual loyalty. But the truth is many of us are guilty as charged when it comes to being proud Americans and supporting the people of Israel.

We should be proud, not ashamed of that fact.

And it’s also true that we give out mixed messages when we say American Jews should be unified in support of Israel, but that dialogue and debate between our two societies is a healthy sign of engagement, caring and passion.

A Visit To North Carolina's ‘Jewish Exeter’

The American Hebrew Academy is impressive, yet has trouble attracting students.

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The boldest experiment in American Jewish high school education and leadership, unknown to most of us, is taking place on a beautiful 100-acre campus in Greensboro, N.C., that has to be seen to be believed.

Gary Rosenblatt

To GA Planners: Sharpen The Debates

Once a Jewish parliament for the Diaspora, the conference has narrowed its scope.

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The three-day annual conference of communal leaders known as the GA (General Assembly), held in Baltimore earlier this month, turned out to be a microcosm of its parent body, the Jewish Federations of North America: an impressive collection of committed, caring professional and lay people, spread too thin and lacking in focus, and giving the impression of following rather than leading at a critical juncture in Jewish life.

Gary Rosenblatt

Permission To Support Israel Without Measure

It’s more than alright to champion Jerusalem’s cause for the simple reason that we’re Jewish.

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Sitting in my home this weekend and reading about the trauma the people of Israel have endured under rocket attack in recent days, I never felt closer to Israel — or further away.

I was reminded of the story of the hen and the turkey reading the Thanksgiving Day menu the farmer had posted, calling for the next day’s dinner to feature “scrambled eggs and the traditional holiday meal.”

“From you he wants a contribution,” the turkey said ruefully to the hen. “From me he wants total commitment.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Behind The Curve

Old-school Jewish leaders need to replace instincts and anecdotes with numbers.

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“Moneyball” has entered the political scene, big time, and old-school Jewish leaders here and in Israel better take note.

President Barack Obama’s re-election ushered in a new era of successful, highly sophisticated campaigning that is certain to be duplicated in the future, replacing punditry and prognostication with the kind of mathematics-based analytics that the Oakland A’s front office used a decade ago to make the team competitive in the American League West despite low salaries for the players.

Gary Rosenblatt
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