Abigail in Love (Maybe)

Hey, Jdate, Here's My Own FREE Advice

There’s nothing like being reprimanded by Jdate to really make a single gal feel like a million bucks.

“In order to inspire his total devotion, you need to stop using all the wrong ways that most women think work to get love, but really just push men away,” begins the email titled, “Inspire his total devotion” sent by Jdate to its female patrons.

It ends this way:

Kate Gosselin's Post Divorce Bod: Skinny and Suffering?

If you’re in the States, like I am now, you have to be dead not to notice all the headlines about Kate Gosselin’s new body.

What abs of steel! What perky breasts! More importantly: Did she or didn’t she have botox?

If you’re scratching your head right about now, which can only mean that you’re a little bit dead, then allow me: Kate Gosselin is the former co-star of the reality show, Jon & Kate plus 8, about her eight children - sextuplets and twins.

Stop With All the Love Stories

It was a mistake to read the Vows’ column.

I mean, it’s hard enough keeping up morale in this dating morass and here the Times has to up and feature as its central love story yet another Cinderalla tale.

This time the bride, who happens to be the great-granddaughter of a famous American oil magnate - with the last name to prove it - was chosen and pursued by a young man until she finally said yes.

Freedom or Family? That Is The Question!

“What I wouldn’t do for twelve hours all to myself!” my friends with very small children say, wistfully.

Instead of seeming like a punishment, the thought of being on a plane for longer than most of us work during the day, is viewed as a dream come true, provided there are no little ones to attend to.

“I could read if I wanted to,” they say, “and then if I feel like sleeping why I can just…sleep!”

Dating Means Often Having to Say You're Sorry

There's nothing like the Days of Awe to stir up the love memories.

Which is another way of saying, the love mishaps.

So is it my fault that as soon as Rosh Hashannah let out, I found myself emailing two gentlemen from my immediate past who, according to my watch, both owed me some serious apologies?

On This Rosh Hashannah, Who Will Walk By My Side?

Was that woman walking her cat? On a leash?

Because that’s sure what it looked like.

The woman, heading towards us, was walking two by two with a very pretty, very spry cat. As if they were out for an evening stroll.

One Newspaper Subscription Away From Marriage

All I wanted was to put my Haaretz on hold while I'm on vacation.

But nothing's ever that simple. Especially not in Israel.

It Might Be You....'Tootsie' As Guide to Love

The thing about Jerusalem is you're bound to run into someone you know at some point.

And by "you" I mean, "me."

Which is another way of saying, while waiting for the bus the other day, the gentleman who walked by and then parked himself right behind me and who looked suspiciously like the gentleman in the States who had once stolen my heart, was no doubt the very same man.

And the leggy redhead by his side?

Is Your Date FDA Approved?

It dawned on me the other day that dating is a totally unregulated industry.

I mean, where is the FDA when you need them?

Which is another way of saying, why did the guy I once went out with who spent more time chatting up his cell phone than actually talking to me not come with a warning label?

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