Rabbis To Call Attention To Hearing Impaired

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Many rabbis across the denominational spectrum will devote their sermons this week to the subject Jewish with hearing difficulties as part of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Awareness Shabbat.

The observance on Saturday, May 5, under the auspice of the Jewish Deaf Resource Center (, will focus the Jewish community’s attention on the Jews who represent part of the largest segment (48 million people) of the special needs community.

L.I. Shul Moves to Evict Caterer

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The Woodbury Jewish Center filed court papers Monday to begin eviction proceedings against Morrell Caterers after a judge vacated a temporary restraining order Morrell had obtained in March.

Felder To Run For Senate In Jewish ‘Ghetto’ District

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Former Councilman Simcha Felder has announced a bid for the state Senate in a newly created district that includes Borough Park and Flatbush and is intended to have a majority Jewish vote.

Two fellow Orthodox Democrats threw their support behind Felder on Tuesday at a press conference intended to show that Felder has the Orthodox vote locked down.

LGBT Palestinians Escape To Party Freely in Tel Aviv


As the Palestinian territories have no specific civil rights legislation protecting LGBT people from discrimination or harassment, a group called the Palestinian Queer Party has held monthly parties in Tel Aviv for the last decade, according to an April 20 report in the Times of Israel.

'60 Minutes' Slammed Over Segment On Christians In Israel


Thousands of Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel have bombarded CBS executives with complaints about a "60 Minutes" segment that blamed Israel for the decline of the Palestinian Christian population in cities such as Bethlehem and  Jerusalem.

Hebrew Charter Movement Gains DC School

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A Hebrew charter school has been approved for Washington, D.C.

Sela Public Charter School will open in fall 2013, with 124 children in pre-K through first grade. Eventually the school, which has the backing of the New York-based Hebrew Charter School Center, will go through fifth grade.

Sela, which means “rock” or “foundation” in Hebrew, is modeled in part on Yu Ying, a successful D.C. Chinese-immersion charter school where children speak Chinese and English in alternate days.

Survey Shows How U.S. Latinos View Jews In America


A survey by the American Jewish Committee on Latino-Jewish relations shows that positive Latino views about Jews tend to correlate with how much contact Latinos have with Jews, as well as their levels of levels of education, income and acculturation.

Eighteen percent of Latinos in the survey were shown to be highly familiar with Jews and 31 percent were not familiar with them at all.

Chicago Teen Marks The Shoah — Every Day


The date selected for Yom Hashoah, 27 Nisan, marks the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Chosen—not without controversy—by the Israeli Knesset in 1953, it serves as an occasion to mark the deaths of those Jews murdered by the Nazis for whom no date of death is known.

But what of those whose dates of death were recorded?

Obama, Netanyahu Differ Publicly On Iran


Exposing a rift with Israel, U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday insisted that the U.S. has not “given anything away” in recently renewed nuclear talks with Iran.

Obama said he believed there was still time for diplomacy. His assessment, delivered at the close of a Latin American summit in Colombia, came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said the U.S. and world powers had given Tehran a “freebie” by agreeing to hold more talks next month.

Christie’s Advice To Israel: No Concessions


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cautioned against Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, Jerusalem or the Golan Heights.

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