Slow Progress Reported In Cairo

On cease-fire's final day, question of whether hostilities will recommence is murky.


Tel Aviv — Israel and Hamas reportedly have made slow progress in truce talks on the final day of a cease-fire between the sides.

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas in Ramallah on Aug. 12. Getty Images

UK Will Stop Arms Sale To Israel Should Fighting Resume


The United Kingdom will not allow a weapons sale to Israel to move forward should Israel and Hamas continue fighting once a three-day truce expires.

Belfast Plaque Marking Herzog’s Birthplace Removed Following Attacks


A marker commemorating the Belfast birthplace of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog was removed following several anti-Semitic attacks.

Clooney’s Fiancee Turns Down U.N. Commission


Amal Alamuddin, the British attorney engaged to actor George Clooney, declined her nomination to serve on a U.N. panel investigating Israel for possible war crimes in Gaza.

Evangelical Leaders Will Travel To Israel To Signal Their Support


Several high-profile evangelical leaders will travel to Israel next week as a part of the “Christians in Solidarity with Israel” trip put together by the National Religious Broadcasters in response to the most recent conflict in Gaza.

Elephants Unearthed: Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Yields Nonbiblical Images


Jerusalem — An ancient synagogue mosaic depicting nonbiblical themes — including elephants — has been removed for safekeeping, according to the lead archaeologist who discovered the three-part floor panel earlier this summer.

Coins From Revolt Against Romans Discovered Near Jerusalem


Jerusalem — A ceramic money box holding a rare hoard of coins from the Great Revolt against the Romans was discovered outside Jerusalem.

Israel’s Envoy Lashes Out At U.N. General Assembly


Jerusalem — Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations slammed its members for “their complicity in allowing organizations like Hamas to continue to exist in the Middle East.”

London Theater Backs Out Of Jewish Festival, Citing Israeli Gov’t Funding


A London theater canceled plans to host a Jewish film festival this year, citing objections to the event’s Israeli government funding.

Prague Jews Elect New Chief Rabbi


Prague — The Jewish community of Prague elected Rabbi David Peter, a native of the Czech capital, as its new chief rabbi.

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