Elephants Unearthed: Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Yields Nonbiblical Images


Jerusalem — An ancient synagogue mosaic depicting nonbiblical themes — including elephants — has been removed for safekeeping, according to the lead archaeologist who discovered the three-part floor panel earlier this summer.

Coins From Revolt Against Romans Discovered Near Jerusalem


Jerusalem — A ceramic money box holding a rare hoard of coins from the Great Revolt against the Romans was discovered outside Jerusalem.

Israel’s Envoy Lashes Out At U.N. General Assembly


Jerusalem — Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations slammed its members for “their complicity in allowing organizations like Hamas to continue to exist in the Middle East.”

London Theater Backs Out Of Jewish Festival, Citing Israeli Gov’t Funding


A London theater canceled plans to host a Jewish film festival this year, citing objections to the event’s Israeli government funding.

Prague Jews Elect New Chief Rabbi


Prague — The Jewish community of Prague elected Rabbi David Peter, a native of the Czech capital, as its new chief rabbi.

French, Indian TV Show Hamas Rocket Launches In Civilian Areas


Jerusalem — French and Indian TV stations broadcast footage showing Hamas rocket launching facilities in a civilian area.

Italy Expels Imam For Preaching Hatred Against Jews


Rome - Italian officials on Tuesday (Aug. 5) moved to expel a Moroccan imam who was caught on video inciting violence against Jews during Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said he had ordered the imam, Raoudi Aldelbar, to be expelled “for seriously disturbing the peace, endangering national security and religious discrimination.”

Crowdfunding Towards the Third Temple

This Tisha B'Av, Temple 3.0 might be closer than you think.

Staff Writer

What’s the most efficient way to hasten the Messianic age?

How about a crowdfunding campaign.

Third Temple on the Dome of the Rock. Wikipedia Commons.

Islamic Extremists Impose Reign Of Terror On Iraq


Baghdad — Police cars have been repainted to say “Islamic police.” Women are forbidden from wearing bright colors and prints. The homes of Shiites and others have signs stating they are property of the Islamic State. And everyone walks in fear amid a new reign of terror.

British Government Minister Quits Over Gaza Policy


A British government minister — the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet — has resigned over the government’s policy on the Gaza conflict.

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