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Thin Is Out On Israeli Runway

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Turns out there is such a thing as being too thin. At least in Israel.

In a first, models in the Jewish state with a BMI (body mass index) of less than 18.5 are banned from the catwalk, photo shoots and ad campaigns. According to that standard, a female model who is 5-feet-8 can weigh no less than 119 pounds.

Is your BMI under 18.5? Israel now legislating models’ weight. Getty Images

Landing A Charedi Woman In The Knesset


Racheli Ibenboim acts as if she’s in a rush, repeatedly checking her phone before hurrying off to her next appointment exactly 30 minutes after the current one begins.

Racheli Ibenboim is urging women to boycott charedi parties in March’s elections unless they include female candidates.

A Jewish Distiller’s Second Career

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Alex Laufer, a former biotech researcher at Columbia University, doesn’t only raise a glass on New Year’s Eve. He’s been caught drinking on the job every day for the past year and a half.

Alex Laufer of the D.C.-based One Eight Distillery, inset. His craft operation is part of a larger food trend.  Photos courtesy

Subscription Box Trend Strikes Startup Nation


Startup Nation is at the forefront of the subscription box trend, earning its early adopter bona fides yet again.

Inbal Baum’s new business will deliver a taste of artisanal Israel to your doorstep.  Courtesy of Koofsa by Delicious Israel

‘I Would Never Be Self-Deprecating’

Special To The Jewish Week

She may have no genetic relationship to the boundary-busting 19th-century French Jewish actress Sarah Bernhardt, but the singer, actor and comedian Sandra Bernhard is every inch as brazen and sexually uninhibited as her putative namesake.

The brash Sandra Bernhard calls herself a “product of my Old Country grandparents.”  Kevin Thomas Garcia

The Art Of The Yiddish Trio

Special To The Jewish Week

You can call it chamber klez.

A trio of clarinet, accordion and acoustic bass with a few vocals added on doesn’t sound like a particularly offbeat constellation for a klezmer group. But when you hear the Yiddish Art Trio’s self-titled first CD, the sound is different from any klezmer you’ve heard.

The Yiddish Art Trio is forging a new kind of klezmer sound.  Courtesy of Yiddish Art Trio

Swastika Supporters Want Their Wrapping Paper Back

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Not only Nazis love the swastika.

After last week’s national recall of Walgreens wrapping paper containing a subtle (but inadvertent) swastika pattern, a religious group that embraces the swastika as a symbol of peace is protesting the decision.

 The Reaelians, a movement that reveres the symbol, pushed back. via

From Shmideo

Three Chasids -- a writer, a puppeteer and an animator -- tell the story of Chanukah. It's got crazy laser beams and spaceships, right?

Brooklyn Factory Now On Lox Down

Staff Writer

A Brooklyn factory is up for sale — lox, stock and barrel.

Service Smoked Fish, founded in 1934, is on the market, according to The Brooklyn Paper. Jay Wiener, the factory’s owner, is offering the Throop Avenue building for $9.75 million after reportedly turning down several offers in recent years.


All In The Klez Family

Special To The Jewish Week

When Metropolitan Klezmer formed in 1994, it was part of the second wave in the klezmer revival that helped to transform and re-energize the Old World genre for a new generation.

The Metropolitan Klezmer at 20. Still krekhts-ing after all these years.  Robin Salant
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