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Writing Through Her Fear Of Death

Book Critic

Erica Brown was scared to death of death.

The daughter of a child survivor of the Holocaust, Brown grew up with death as a constant shadow in her family’s past, although one that the family tried to ignore.

Erica Brown’s new book adds touches of humor to a somber discussion of death and dying.

‘Black’ Art Of The Holocaust

Staff Writer

To honor the first yahrzeit of her mother last year, Karen Hochberg decided to bring a scholar-in-residence to the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, where her husband, Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, is spiritual leader.

In speeches to student groups, Stan Lebovic grapples with a just God who allows evil to flourish.

Panel Explores Charged Topic, But, Alas, No Fireworks

Special To The Jewish Week

One rabbi refused to host the event, saying he expected it would lead to talk about the anti-Israel Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment movement, while another rabbi welcomed the panel discussion, lamenting what she considers the lack of robust debate over Israel in the Jewish community.

Specter of BDS: The scene last week during Israel panel at CBST. Bud Korotzer

New Face Of Israeli Politics At BJ

Special To The Jewish Week

The young girl’s question — “How do you feel about Women of the Wall?” — couldn’t have been more timely, as Jewish Agency Chair Natan Sharansky made groundbreaking recommendations this week providing access at the Wall for egalitarian Jewish worship services, something Women of the Wall champions.

From media to politics: Labor’s Merav Michaeli told B’nai Jeshurun audience that “Israel needs to [make peace] on its own time.”

Hamming Up The Ethnic Factor On ‘Mad Men’


Advertising, it’s fair to say, is in Ben Feldman’s blood.

Ben Feldman’s portrayal of a Jewish copywriter on “Mad Men” reflects the Jewish roots of advertising. Photo via

Take One Jewish Oudist, Add Sudanese Muslim Singer, And Stir Gently

Special To The Jewish Week
Story Includes Video: 

Zach Fredman didn’t set out to make a political statement. He just wanted a band whose sound he could love.

The Sudanese Muslim singer Alsarah and Zach Fredman are part of Epichorus. Photo courtesy Zach Fredman

Startup Day School Finds Established Home

Associate Editor

It was supposed to be the Five Towns’ answer to Yeshivat He’Atid, the popular low-tuition Orthodox day school that has taken Bergen County, N.J., by storm.

A class at HALB. The 58-year-old school has agreed to work with a startup to incorporate “blended learning.

Survivors’ Stories, In The Hands Of H.S. Students

Special To The Jewish Week

As searing as hearing Holocaust testimony can be, high school students at the Yeshivah of Flatbush have found an even more powerful way to connect to the trauma of survivors: acting out their stories.

Yeshivah of Flatbush students and survivors collaborate in Witness Theater production. Courtesy of Witness Theater

After Doubling Its Size, Central Synagogue’s Rabbi To Retire

Editor And Publisher

Peter Rubinstein, who last week announced his decision to step down in 15 months as senior rabbi of Central Synagogue, one of the leading Reform congregations in the U.S., almost talked himself out of the job before he was hired in 1991.

Peter Rubinstein: Leaving the pulpit, looking for another venue to perform “service to the Jewish community.”

A Guggenheim Haggadah

Staff Writer

Hans Guggenheim, a refugee from Nazi Berlin who found haven during World War II in England and Guatemala, and eventually in the United States, conducts his own seders every year in his Boston apartment that doubles as a personal art museum and extensive library.

Holocaust refugee Hans Guggenheim’s Haggadah, in pdf format, includes his artwork that incorporates Shoah themes. Steve Lipman
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