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Hurry Up And Click

Inside the speed-dating trenches, two intrepid reporters -- one he and one she -- try to figure out if time matters.

Special To The Jewish Week

She Says ...

Looking into the soulful blue eyes of a professional cellist named Dan, I felt myself relax into my first adventure in speed dating. (Music has charms, right?)

Speed dating: in which the lovelorn suffer quantity in search of quality. Getty Images

What If Reform’s Leader Had Gone To JTS?

Editor And Publisher

The current leader of the Reform movement found deep Jewish inspiration as a young man from a Modern Orthodox scholar in Israel. The Talmud professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary attended a haredi yeshiva in his youth and found it “wonderful.”

Rabbi Andy Bachman (standing) moderated the panel. Esther Juni

OU Internal Struggles Leading To Showdown

Editor And Publisher

Who’s running the show at the Orthodox Union these days?

Simcha Katz: OU’s lay leader is serving as de facto, day-to-day professional leader.

Kipot That Play By The Rules

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

For some people, sports is a religion.

Others like to combine their love of both, which has led to the proliferation of team emblems on kipot, mostly worn by kids and teens and sold at many Judaica stores — in spite of the fact that unauthorized emblems violate copyright law.

The Pro-Kippah comes with an official logo from Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association.

For Ping-Pong Star, Shabbat Comes First

Staff Writer

Estee Ackerman, a sixth-grader at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County and a rising star in competitive Ping-Pong, looked at the schedule of the recent U.S. National Table Tennis Championships in Las Vegas and figured she’d be done in plenty of time for Shabbat.

Estee Ackerman, 11, is a rising table tennis star with her eyes on the 2016 Olympics. Courtesy of Ackerman family

GIMME MOE! Montreal Egg Rolls, That Is

A food truck, helmed by a classically trained chef, serves Canadian deli in Los Angeles.

Special To The Jewish Week

The big red food truck with a maple leaf emblazoned on the back gets ready for employees who will shortly spill out of their office buildings for lunch.

Michael Israel's Los Angeles food truck, which serves Montreal-style egg rolls. George Medovoy

A Jewish Tone For The Sound Of Music?

Grandson Oscar III says German-Jewish heritage influenced Hammerstein's work.


Oscar Hammerstein II was raised by Scottish Presbyterians, and the only time he ever entered a synagogue was to deliver eulogies at Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin, Oscar Hammerstein II and Helen Tamiris. Library of Congress

Survivors’ Reunion Featured On New Oprah Network Show

Book Critic

There are no happy endings to the Holocaust, but this story comes close.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of Midwestern eighth graders, a pair of best friends—both 87—who escaped Germany together and hadn’t seen or heard from each other in 73 years have been reunited. Their lives are the lead story on a new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), “Lost & Found,” that premieres next week.

Holocaust survivors Edith Schumer and Gerda Frumkin at Naperville school. OWN Network

Hold The Egg Rolls: A Kosher Chinese Classic Closes

Assistant Managing Editor/Online Editor

After nearly four decades of stuffing kosher diners with spare ribs,

Closed doors: Brooklyn’s Shang-Chai restaurant closed on New Year’s Day.

Reunion Of Survivors Featured On New Oprah Network Show

Two women reconnected, after 73 years, with help from some Chicago-area middle schoolers.

Jewish Week Book Critic

There are no happy endings to the Holocaust, but this story comes close.

Holocaust survivors Edith Schumer and Gerda Frumkin surprise the Naperville students who helped to reunite them. OWN Network
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