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A New Beginning In Syosset

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They marched in joy and they marched in sadness, under a sweltering sun. And for the marchers, it was an ending and a beginning, the poignant close of one chapter and the promising opening of another. More than 250 congregants joined in a ceremony Sunday in which seven Torahs from the Bethpage Jewish Community Center were carried some three miles to their new home at the Midway Jewish Center in Syosset as the congregations officially merged.

Jewish Unity, Hanging By A Thread

Editor and Publisher
Has the struggle over preserving Jewish unity led, ironically, to an irrevocable division between Israel and American Jewry? That’s the view of some observers who say that, regardless of the outcome of the deliberations of the Neeman Committee, charged with satisfying Orthodox, Conservative and Reform religious demands in Israel, the relationship between the Jewish state and American Jewry will never be the same.

Chief Rabbi ExtendsOlive Branch – Sort Of

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Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, asserted this week that religious court judges in Israel will look favorably on potential converts.His comments, in an exclusive interview here with The Jewish Week, would seem to bolster proponents of the Neeman Commission, which sought to resolve a religious conflict on conversions by calling for multi-denominational preparatory institutes, culminating in conversions performed according to halacha, or Jewish law.An open question, even as the government plans to launch the institutes this spring, is whether the chief rabbinate will ap

Journey To A Jewish Past

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If Djerba, a small island in the Mediterranean off the southeast coast of Tunisia, is the Jerusalem of Africa, as its community claims, then the lovely El Ghriba synagogue is its Bet Hamikdash, or Holy Temple.

The Conversion Crisis, Again

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Are we back to square one in the debate over conversions in Israel? It appears so, but first a brief review of this unfortunate episode. A year ago there was great concern about a proposed bill in the Knesset that would allow only Orthodox rabbis to officiate at conversions in Israel.

The Three Amigos

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The handsome, charismatic head of state has somehow maintained public support despite a series of incredible, seemingly fatal setbacks — from political scandals to being labeled a liar within his own party to well-publicized extra-marital affairs. He’s been counted out a dozen times in the last year alone, but he has survived and now even seems to be gaining ground. How does he manage to do it?It’s a question Benjamin Netanyahu and Bill Clinton could have asked of each other when they met at the White House this week.

Israel Likely To Host Future GAs

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Jerusalem — Charles Bronfman, the increasingly high-profile Canadian Jewish philanthropist who chaired last week’s General Assembly of the UJA Federations of North America here, is the leading candidate to chair the new superagency, made up of the United Jewish Appeal, the Council of Jewish Federations and the United Israel Appeal, sources at the GA said.The merger is expected to take place early next year, and though Bronfman has his own highly active family foundation, the word in the halls at the GA was that he will agree to give the new entity the kind of high-recognition, m

Lieberman’s Last Laugh: A Musing

Editor and Publisher
Until this week it was just a secret. But now it’s out.It started on Monday with the news that Joe Lieberman was going to be the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate.A half-suspicion that began listening to Howard Stern poke fun at the Connecticut senator in the morning, grew stronger during the day. That evening the feeling became intense.Wolf Blitzer was on CNN interviewing Jeff Greenfield about going to law school with Lieberman in the ’60s.

Russia Murder May Be Anti-Semitic

Staff Writer
The murder of a 22-year-old Jewish day school teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia, has raised fears in that city that it may have been an anti-Semitic attack. Dmitri Nikulinsky was found bleeding profusely from a stab wound in the neck last Saturday. But a suspect in the case reportedly said he attacked the teacher after seeing him with a former girlfriend. Meanwhile, two men have been imprisoned in Canada on charges of firebombing a Jewish school, a community center and a vehicle in Montreal in separate incidents over the past several months.

Anti-Semitic Vandalism At L.I. Synagogue

Staff Writer
Vandals scrawled a half-dozen swastikas and anti-Semitic obscenities this week on outdoor playground equipment at Congregation Etz Chaim in Commack, L.I. Rabbi Raphael Wizman, spiritual leader of the 125-family Orthodox congregation, said the swastikas and obscenities were found on the swings and on a large toy castle in the children’s playground. He said the vandals apparently scaled a 5-foot high fence that enclosed the locked playground and also broke two Plexiglass school windows.
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