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A Year Later, A Hero Emerges

09/12/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
An American-born, former Israeli commando became the first victim of terrorist hijackers on Sept. 11, when he tried to protect an American Airlines stewardess, according to a report in Israel's top daily. While the heroes who wrested control of United Airlines Flight 93, bringing the plane down in an empty Pennsylvania field, have been recognized from the start, the tale involving Danny Lewin has not been told.

Police: School Fight Not Ethnic

12/19/2002 - 19:00
Staff Writer
A Jewish girl was assaulted by an Arab schoolmate in Brooklyn last week because of romantic, not ethnic tensions, police and school officials have told the Anti-Defamation League. But the ADL said it was concerned that students at IS 259 in Dyker Heights chanted "Jew, Jew, Jew" during the Dec. 12 fight. The Arab teen reportedly was arrested and suspended.

On The Outs With An Inn

08/08/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
The trouble began when they spotted a rodent in the hallway, claim Rafael and Devorah Streicher, but after being escorted by police from the Days Inn in Catskill, N.Y., the Brooklyn couple began to smell a rat. The Streichers and three of their five children checked into the motel, about two hours from New York City, on a Friday last month en route to visit their son at a nearby summer camp. The following afternoon, the Orthodox family watched as housekeepers packed up their cholent pot and other belongings and sent them to another hotel.

Yeshiva Brain Drain Feared

08/01/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Now that city teachers have won a hefty, 16 percent pay raise, Jewish education experts are worried about an exodus from day schools to public schools. According to a survey by the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York last year, the average maximum salary for head teachers at yeshivas and day schools is about $35,000.

Pressing The French

07/25/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Leaders of the American Jewish Congress have a message for critics of the group's stance on French anti-Semitism: Let them eat cake. A delegation of AJCongress leaders who visited France earlier this month said the country's Jews heavily support the group's tactics, which include an ad campaign criticizing the French for inaction on the eve of the Cannes film festival, and directing newspaper readers to a Web site,

Web Of Deceit

06/27/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Go to and you get this about the terror group linked to Yasir Arafat's Fatah party: Al Aqsa is a group of Iraqi citizens "trained by Saddam to terrorize cities in Israel."

Legacy Of Learning

06/13/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Unlike thousands of World Trade Center workers on Sept. 11, Abe Zelmanowitz had easy access to an escape route from the doomed twin towers. But the 55-year-old Brooklyn resident, an Orthodox Jew, refused to leave behind a disabled colleague. He remained on the 27th floor of the north tower, even after firefighters reached them, and even after the south tower collapsed. Now, a Brooklyn yeshiva wants to make sure the Torah values Zelmanowitz embodied are imparted on others.

Council Speaker To Lead Israel Delegation

06/06/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
A delegation of City Council members will leave for Israel upon the completion of the city budget process, Speaker Gifford Miller announced Sunday. "We're going to show that we as New Yorkers understand [the situation in Israel] and we want to be supportive in any way we can," Miller told several hundred Jewish community leaders and elected officials at the annual breakfast of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.

Timing Is Everything

05/23/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
It was meant to be an expression of solidarity with New York and a gesture of American unity against terror. But a special joint session of Congress, to convene in the Big Apple this fall, is being panned by local representatives as "disrespectful," "problematic" and "an insult." As it turns out, the session is scheduled to convene Friday, Sept. 6: the eve of Rosh HaShanah.

Mayor Snubs Palestinians At Gracie Mansion Gala

04/18/2002 - 20:00
Staff Writer
Refusing to "glorify" an "organization that uses violence," Mayor Michael Bloomberg excluded diplomats from the Palestinian Authority from a Gracie Mansion concert recital Tuesday. "Given the fact that the mayor has been outspoken in his criticism of both [Yasir] Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, he felt the city should not be glorifying an organization that uses violence as a political tool," said Bloomberg spokesman Ed Skyler.
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