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Sukkot In Casablanca

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Of all the synagogues in all the towns in all the world, Lens chose to highlight this one. Here's looking at the Festival of the Tabernacles, as celebrated in the only Arab country to have a Jewish museum and two Jewish schools. Only 5,000 Jews live in Morocco, down from about 270,000 at the end of the 1940s. But a robust crowd, and not just the usual suspects, turned out in Casablanca to celebrate the festival last week. No doubt, next year they'll be ready to play it again.

Kelly: We're Watching Hezbollah

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The NYPD's counterterrorism personnel are keeping "a close eye on Hezbollah" in the wake of recent clashes between the Iran-backed militia and Israel in Lebanon, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told Jewish community leaders in a briefing Tuesday to discuss security issues before the High Holy Days.

Ahmadinejad Visit Sparks Debate

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An appearance by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday night has touched off a debate on whether there is any point in talking to the Holocaust-doubting Iranian president whose nuclear threats against Israel have made him an international pariah. The nonpartisan think tank insists the meeting was an open exchange, not simply a polemic platform for the extremist leader, in town for the General Assembly of the United Nations, where thousands of protestors against Ahmadinejad gathered outside Wednesday.

Hill Of A Documentary

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The stars of Ivy Meeropol’s cable miniseries, “The Hill,” are a real congressman and three of his aides. It’s set in their Capitol Hill and district offices, and there is no script. But don’t call it a reality show. “Reality shows manufacture situations, they manipulate and take things out of context,” says Meeropol, insisting this is a documentary series. “We’re following the action, filming what is happening. We didn’t interfere.”

Aid Groups Optimistic Over NYC Budget

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As word spread of a tentative budget deal between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council Tuesday, Jewish groups that help the needy were optimistic that more aid would be available.

Jewish Sports Hall Of Fame Inducts 12

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(JTA) – Swimmer Mark Spitz and broadcaster Howard Cosell were among 12 people inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. The athletes and others were recognized Sunday at a ceremony at the Suffolk JCC, site of the Hall of Fame, in Commack, L.I. Spitz won seven gold medals in the 1972 Olympics. Cosell was best known for his work on “Monday Night Football” and his relationship with boxer Muhammad Ali.

Beck: Gore Uses Nazi Tactics

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(JTA) – A CNN commentator likened Al Gore’s environmentalism to Nazi tactics. Glenn Beck, speaking Monday on his syndicated talk show, said he made the connection when he was reading “The Years of Extermination,” a book about how Nazi Germany made the case for Genocide. “I have read these things in some places about the Jews, in some places about what’s coming, in other places on global warming,” Beck said in a broadcast captured by Media Matters, a liberal media monitor.

I love Jewish NY

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Sure. Come to New York, spend your money on fancy dinners and Broadway shows and visits to the Statue of Liberty. But maybe you can take a little time out of your busy schedule for The Jewish Museum or the Eldridge Street Synagogue? The above probably won’t be part of a major Jewish tourism campaign that is taking shape after nearly a decade of planning.

Keyed In At Peter Cooper

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Each Saturday, Rochelle Neumann faced a dilemma: Go away for the Sabbath, or face the awkward predicament of being unable to easily re-enter her building at Peter Cooper Village if she goes to synagogue. Neumann, a paralegal, and her daughter live in a building at the complex where, six months ago, management installed electronic keyless locks on the front door — prohibited for use by strictly observant Jews during the Sabbath.

No ‘Place’ For Bigot

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It’s never too late to give an anti-Semite a kick in the pants, a couple of Brooklyn politicians figure. Nearly 110 years after industrialist Austin Corbin died, State Sen. Carl Kruger wants to rename a heavily Jewish Manhattan Beach street that honors Corbin’s memory and Councilman Mike Nelson is considering a bill that would do so.
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