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I love Jewish NY

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Sure. Come to New York, spend your money on fancy dinners and Broadway shows and visits to the Statue of Liberty. But maybe you can take a little time out of your busy schedule for The Jewish Museum or the Eldridge Street Synagogue? The above probably won’t be part of a major Jewish tourism campaign that is taking shape after nearly a decade of planning.

Keyed In At Peter Cooper

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Each Saturday, Rochelle Neumann faced a dilemma: Go away for the Sabbath, or face the awkward predicament of being unable to easily re-enter her building at Peter Cooper Village if she goes to synagogue. Neumann, a paralegal, and her daughter live in a building at the complex where, six months ago, management installed electronic keyless locks on the front door — prohibited for use by strictly observant Jews during the Sabbath.

No ‘Place’ For Bigot

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It’s never too late to give an anti-Semite a kick in the pants, a couple of Brooklyn politicians figure. Nearly 110 years after industrialist Austin Corbin died, State Sen. Carl Kruger wants to rename a heavily Jewish Manhattan Beach street that honors Corbin’s memory and Councilman Mike Nelson is considering a bill that would do so.

Dual Bronx Simcha

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As holiday quiet hung over the Bronx neighborhood of Pelham Parkway early Monday morning, one of the few places bustling with activity was Congregation Sons of Israel on Cruger Avenue. There, shouts of “Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov” echoed as a packed room celebrated dual milestones: The bar mitzvah of one congregant and the 90th birthday of another. After back-to-back aliyot, the two joined Rabbi Moshe Fuchs and other congregants in song and dance that harkened back to another era.

ISO: Kosher Concubine

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It’s considered kosher but not proper. But for those who have a happy Orthodox marriage yet need a little something extra on the side, a new Web site promises to arrange that. And without the guilt. A recent addition to the sometimes bizarre Jewish blogosphere is pilagesh.

Weiner Urges Hiring Of Orthodox Cop

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(JTA) Rep. Anthony Weiner is asking the MTA to reconsider its decision not to hire an Orthodox Jewish man who said he was rejected for a police job after refusing to sign a waiver agreeing to work on Shabbat. Harvey Silver, a policeman for nine years for the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp., filed a discrimination suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in June against the Metropolitan Transit Authority and other agencies. Weiner, a Brooklyn Democrat, said the MTA probably had violated at least two articles of the state Constitution protecting freedom of religious practice.

CNN Producer Freed After Kidnapping

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Jerusalem (JTA) — A CNN producer who was kidnapped in the Gaza Strip was freed a day after he was seized in Gaza City by four armed men who approached the car in which he was traveling. Palestinian Authority officials, perhaps concerned that the kidnapping could be seen as an indication of their inability to keep Gaza secure if Israel carries through on its planned withdrawal next year, are believed to have been involved in negotiating the release of Riad Ali, an Israeli Druse.

City Seeks New Judge In A Busch Retrial

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Lawyers for New York City have asked federal Judge Sterling Johnson to recuse himself if there is a new civil trial in the shooting of Gidone Busch in 1999. In a rare ruling last month, Johnson vacated a 2003 jury verdict in favor of five police officers involved in the incident that led to Busch’s death, calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”

Liberal Brooklyn Jews Unite!

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Call it a Brooklyn Jewish version of the red-state, blue-state chasm. As the borough’s Orthodox community continues to thrive and spread, liberal Jews are looking for a voice, as well as reaching out for new blood. A bold step in that direction is the Institute for Living Judaism in Brooklyn, which will kick off a series of lectures, workshops and support groups next month.

‘Lesbian’ Letter Roils Senate Race

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Some Orthodox Jews in Borough Park received a letter last week purportedly from a Democratic state Senate candidate revealing that she is a “lesbian American.” But the letter, reminiscent of New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey’s announcement last summer that he is “a gay American,” was fraudulent, said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a supporter of Diane Savino. The letter claimed that Savino would be a “strong voice for gay rights” and that she favored same-sex marriages.
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