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An Eclectic Musical Hevreh

Hevreh Ensemble’s new CD stretches the limits of Jewish music, blending everything from Native American to Baroque sounds.
08/20/2012 - 20:00
Special to the Jewish Week

On a casual hearing, one might be hard-put to describe much of the music of the Hevreh Ensemble as “Jewish music.” Although the tunes on their new CD, “Between Worlds,” have titles like “Lost Tribes,” “Galicja” and “Negev Sunset,” the elegant, restrained music that is fit to those names bespeaks a wide range of influences, and Jewish music is only one of them.

“Between Worlds” has Hevreh Ensemble creating a kind of “world chamber music.”

Alicia Jo Rabins, Art-rocking the women of the Bible.

05/21/2012 - 20:00

Alicia Jo Rabins, 34

Twitter: @ohaliciajo, @girlsintrouble

Growing up, Alicia Jo Rabins never gave much thought to Jewish tradition. She was raised secular, in a mostly non-Jewish section of Baltimore.

Alicia Jo Rabins

Miriam Brosseau, Networked musician/educator.

Associate Editor
05/21/2012 - 20:00

Miriam Brosseau, 28

Twitter: @miriamjayne, @stereosinai,,,

Miriam Brosseau met her husband, Alan Jay Sufrin, freshman year at the University of Wisconsin, Madison at a campus open-mike night.

Miriam Brosseau

Jewish Island Music

Concert highlights Jewish composers from Nassau and Suffolk.
03/26/2012 - 20:00
Special to the Jewish Week

Joel Mandelbaum admits that he is not consciously a Jewish composer. That statement might sound odd coming from a member of the governing board of the American Society for Jewish Music, but Mandelbaum does qualify it a bit.

“I’m not consciously an ‘anything composer,” says Mandelbaum, an emeritus professor of music at Queens College. “But unconsciously I’m more a Jewish composer than anything else.”

Pianist-composer Leonard Lehrman and soprano Helene Williams in rehearsal.

Jewish Music, With Next-Gen Players

11/07/2011 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

It started with a teacher.

Sidney Krum, who came to New York from Poland as a child, had passed his bar exam, but he spent most of his professional life in New York City’s high schools. Much of the rest of his time he spent listening to, singing and collecting Yiddish music, eventually donating his collection to YIVO, where it became the core of what is now the Sidney Krum Jewish Music and Yiddish Theater Memorial Collection.

Two of the young musicians taking part in the Sidney Krum Young Artists Concerts.

iTunes Labels Jewish Music As 'Christian & Gospel'

09/19/2011 - 20:00

(JTA) – Apple’s iTunes has put some of the most well-known Jewish and chasidic singers in the online music store “Christian & Gospel" section.

The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday that musicians such as Avraham Fried, an Orthodox Jew; Mordechai Ben-David; and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach all have some albums categorized in iTunes’ “Christian & Gospel” genre section.

Let My People… Sing Satires

Passover Soundtrack
04/11/2011 - 20:00
Special to the Jewish Week

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? Maybe it’s all those Jewish boys-turned-rappers showing up on YouTube, dressed in matching attire, grinning incessantly, singing Pesach lyrics to the tune of hip, popular songs.

Boy bands battle it out on YouTube: Members of Kol Ish, top, and Six13, above.

Being Part Of An International Jewish Teen Choir

04/06/2011 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Practicing, practicing, and more practicing. That’s how I’ve spent two hours of my Sunday afternoons this year.

By deciding to join HaZamir, the international Jewish high school choir, mid-year of my sophomore year at Friends Seminary in Manhattan, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I hadn’t been in a choir since sixth grade, but I was in an a cappella group last year. In HaZamir, I found out that memorizing more than a dozen songs in just a few months really is just as hard as it sounds.

Symphony For King Solomon

In his ambitious new work, ‘Shlomo,’ young composer Judd Greenstein grapples with a biblical giant.
02/21/2011 - 19:00
Staff Writer

For a long time, the composer Judd Greenstein kept a wall between his interest in Judaism and his passion for music. Though he was raised in a secular Greenwich Village home and is still not observant, for at least the past decade he’s cultivated a deep knowledge of Jewish history, literature and law.

“It’s interesting that my music has been divorced from my interest in Jewish texts and Jewish learning,” Greenstein said in an interview last week, sitting in his Brooklyn studio.

Greenstein, 31, is trying to synthesize Jewish and classical music traditions. Michael Datikash
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