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A Banjo’s Soul

Special To The Jewish Week

Halloween was the furthest thing from my mind when I scheduled an appointment with the banjo repair guy for Oct. 31. As usual in our observant Jewish neighborhood, there was not a pumpkin or goblin in sight when the day arrived. No costumed revelers rang our bell in search of treats. But of course, I knew. 

Merri Ukraincik

His Yamaha Says Yamulke: Meet Daniel Cainer

A singer songwriter's frank engagement with the fallible Jewish male enlivens “Jewish Chronicles” –- a one man cabaret show at the Soho Playhouse now through November 16th.

Daniel Cainer

Iraqi Jewish Music For A New Millennium

Dudu Tassa updates (and rocks) the musical heritage passed down to him from his ancestors.

Special To The Jewish Week

It is a bitter thing for an artist to suddenly descend from stardom to obscurity through no fault of his own. When Daoud al-Kuwaiti and his brother Salah were forced to leave Iraq for Israel in 1951, along with 120,000 other Iraqi Jews, they went from being musical giants honored by the royal court to being... grocers.

Dudu Tassa, grandson Iraqi Jewish singing legend Daoud al-Kuwaiti.

Lipa Schmeltzer: Mizrach

Chasidic sensation Lipa Schmeltzer performs "Mizrach," from his 2012 album "Leap of Faith." Please see George Robinson's interview with Lipa about Sunday's Town Hall Performance here.

Jews And The Arts, Players And Pundits

The Jewish Studies Center at Baruch College hosted an ambitious and absorbing program, “Jewish Arts and Identity in the Contemporary World” on May 7th. Three panels – on theater, music and the visual arts - were the core of the conference complemented by a performance by Audrey Flack and the Art History Band.

From The Hazamir Stage To The Audience

As Matthew Lazar stepped onto the stage, surveyed his creation, and began conducting the Hazamir choir, his face was shining. Hazamir: The International Jewish High School Choir, founded by Lazar in 1993, includes students active in 21 chapters across North America and one (soon to be two) in Israel. Two Sundays ago, they performed their 20th Annual Gala Concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center, with songs including “Shehechayanu” and “L’Eyla.

Freedom’s Bounty

Cool (and meaningful) gifts for Passover.
Jewish Week Book Critic

Celebrate freedom, the beginning of spring and the great joy of family and friends coming together in this annual holiday tradition. Share gratitude in reaching this season again with some thoughtful gifts that honor memory and fine craftsmanship. Some are also fun.

“One Bead,” the first CD by Epichorus

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ICCJ can be your Jewish home in Queens.

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