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Israel Attack On Iran `Not Imminent,' Journalist Says

Ronen Bergman, whose New York Times Magazine article predicted a strike against Iran in 2012, sees some easing on showdown.
05/07/2012 - 20:00
Editor and Publisher

An Israeli military strike “is not imminent,” according to Ronen Bergman, the high-profile Israeli journalist whose New York Times Magazine cover story, “Will Israel Attack Iran?” (Jan. 25), concluded otherwise.

The Last Word: Musings on Literary Estates, from Kafka to Kerouac

Last week I wrote about the ongoing battle over Chaim Grade's literary estate.  Then on Sunday, The New York Times Magazine had a front-pager on Kafka's  estate, which the National Library of Israel wants.  But which the descendants of Max Brod, who Kafka gave his papers to and told him to destroy, remain tied up in a ca

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