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Women Of The Wall Pluck Torah Scroll Across Partition To Women’s Section


Jerusalem - For the first time in its 26-year history, the feminist prayer group Women of the Wall managed to read from a full-sized Torah scroll Monday (April 20) after one of its members surreptitiously borrowed one from the Western Wall’s men’s section.

Rivlin: Jewish, Democratic Values ‘Both Very Dear To Us’

Israeli president, in pre-Independence Day briefing, focuses on country’s internal and problems.

Israel Correspondent

Earlier this month Israeli President Reuven Rivlin invited a group of journalists who write for Jewish publications around the world to his official residence for a pre-Independence Day chat.

 Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. Courtesy of the President's House

BDS Roiling Israel, U.S. College Campuses

High Court ruling sparking fresh debate over democracy.

Staff Writer

The ruling of Israel’s top court last week upholding the country’s so-called anti-boycott law has touched off a fresh debate about the nature of Israel’s democracy, with some saying it ends freedom of speech and others saying it affirms the destructive nature of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement.

The justices of Israel’s Supreme Court with President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Wikimedia Commons

A Towering Talmudic And Moral Leader

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, 81, was a model combination of Torah and secular scholarship.

Special To The Jewish Week

Religious Zionists in Israel and the Modern Orthodox community in America this week are mourning a unique and inspiring figure, mentor to literally thousands and model to many more. The influence of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, who died Monday at 81, goes far beyond his formal title as Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein

Shimon Peres In Hospital, Cancels Speaking Engagement


Shimon Peres has been hospitalized after complaining of feeling unwell.

Name Of Palestinian Teen Killed In Revenge Slaying Added To Israel’s Terror Victims List


Jerusalem — Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teenager who was kidnapped and burned alive by Jews in a revenge killing, was recognized as a terror victim on Israel’s national memorial.

In First, Women Of The Wall Read From Full-Size Torah Scroll At Kotel


Jerusalem — Women of the Wall for the first time read from a full-size Torah scroll during the group’s monthly prayer service at the Western Wall, contravening regulations there.

Netanyahu To Meet Rivlin, Seek Extension For Coalition Building


Jerusalem — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Reuven Rivlin to request an extension in forming a ruling government coalition.

Israeli Man Killed After Palestinian Drives Car Into Jerusalem Bus Stop


Jerusalem — A Palestinian man from eastern Jerusalem drove his car into two Israelis waiting at a bus stop, killing one and critically injuring the other.

Kim Kardashian Gets Cropped From Charedi Jewish Website

Kimye loses the ‘Kim’ in Jerusalem.

Blueprint Editor

It is irony o' clock. The most photographed woman on planet Earth has been cropped out of a picture on a charedi Jewish news site according to

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