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Air War Looming?

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In a development that marks a new escalation in the 8-month-old intifada, Palestinians were caught smuggling sophisticated weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles, into Gaza this week, prompting Israeli authorities to take precautionary steps at Ben-Gurion Airport. All airplanes using Ben-Gurion are being instructed to remain above 7,000 feet until only seven miles from the airport because of the threat from anti-aircraft missiles.

Sharon May Talk After All

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As Israel paused this week to remember its 19,312 war dead and to celebrate 53 years of independence, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was dispatched to Egypt to present Israel’s response to its proposal to end seven months of violence. Just how successful that effort will be is anybody’s guess. “I’m cautiously optimistic,” said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-Westchester) upon her return to Washington following a five-day tour of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

‘Calm’ After The Storm

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Egypt worked this week to formalize a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas after both sides virtually ended all military operations in response to what one analyst called an attempt to “calm down the criticism” from within.

BREAKING NEWS: Terror Attack in Jerusalem

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A terrorist entered a religious school in Jerusalem shortly after nightfall Thursday and opened fire with an automatic weapon, killing eight people before being shot dead.   The terrorist, identified as an East Jerusalem Arab reportedly walked into a dining room where about 80 students were eating and began spraying bullets from an automatic weapon he carried in his bag.  

Israel To Target Attacks, Not Reoccupy Gaza

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Israel’s decision Wednesday to continue targeted attacks in the Gaza Strip rather than to recapture the area from Hamas leaves open the possibility of a cease-fire that would at least temporarily end repeated Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli communities.

Will Abbas Move On Terror?

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It’s decision time for Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian president was in London Tuesday collecting $1.2 billion in pledges for the Palestinian people when news came that a Palestinian terrorist group was claiming responsibility for last Friday’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and was reportedly plotting other spectacular attacks. Israeli experts say Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, must take action against terror or forfeit gains he has made with Jerusalem in recent weeks.

Have Stethoscope, Will Travel

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For a Woodmere, L.I., pediatrician, the offer of a $60,000 fellowship to move her family to Israel and practice medicine there may be just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Tamar Rosner, who practices with her mother in Brooklyn, said she had been “seriously considering” making aliyah and that learning of the fellowship and Israel’s need for physicians helped to finalize it for her. She said she, her husband and kids now plan to move to Israel this summer.

Hit On ‘Most Wanted’ Terrorist Sends Message

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The targeted assassination Tuesday of Hezbollah’s top military officer believed responsible for a series of high-profile terrorist attacks that killed hundreds — including the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina and the 2006 kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers — is a “major setback” for that organization, according to an Israeli terrorism expert.

Gaza Invasion Seen More Likely

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Israel was to begin cutting back electricity to the Gaza Strip late this week in addition to reducing fuel and food shipments in an effort to pressure the Hamas government there to end rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. But there was a growing belief that a full-scale Israeli invasion of Gaza might be the only effective way to end the attacks. “It seems to me to be only a matter of time,” said Yitzhak Reiter of the Harry S Truman Center for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Syria Strike May Not Be The Last

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Israel’s surprise air strike in Syria Sunday on what it described as a Palestinian terrorist training camp may not be the last, Israeli officials warned this week as they pursued a new way to halt terror attacks that claimed another 19 Israeli lives at a restaurant in Haifa last weekend.
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