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Barak Gov’t Teeters

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The broad-based coalition government handcrafted by Prime Minister Ehud Barak to win support for his peace initiatives began to unravel this week even as Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were slated to resume talks Monday in Washington following a two-week hiatus caused by Palestinian street rioting.

The Gift That Grows

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Get ready baseball card collectors, Israel Bonds is coming out with its own collectible collection — and it’s guaranteed to make money. Israel Bonds is reaching out to those who give bar and bat mitzvah gifts of $125 or $150 in checks and suggesting they instead buy its new $136 Chai Bonds. They mature in five years at a value of $180.

Soaring To Success

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In a scene reminiscent of an Andy Hardy movie, Ozzie Goldman remembers walking into a Manhattan hotel room in May 1949 and seeing five men on bended knees hunched over a large map of the world and planning the first flights of a nonexistent Israeli airline.

Sharansky Urges Community to Press Fight Against Terror

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Saying that Israel has launched a war that pits “terrorism against democracy,” Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky called on American Jews this week to use their influence to convince the world to allow Israel to finish the job.

Testing Israel’s Ideals

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Jerusalem — Manal Diab, a single, 26-year-old Arab woman who graduated in June from the Hebrew University, did not think twice before renting an apartment in Jewish West Jerusalem. “I didn’t think whether it was an Arab or Jewish [community], it was cheap and I teach very close to here,” she said. “It has a view of the Old City that I feel I belong to. Arabs were here before ’48.”

South Lebanon Next On Annan Agenda

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Flush with success over his mediation efforts in Iraq, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan plans to fly to southern Lebanon later this month to deal with Israel’s pledge to withdraw from its self-imposed security zone there if it is cleared of Hezbollah terrorists.

Still Licking Their Wounds

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Jerusalem — Have the liberal streams of Judaism been left at the altar by the State of Israel, or can they forge an historic union in their quest for recognition? That’s the issue at the center of the Conservative movement’s annual Rabbinical Assembly convention, attended by some 350 American rabbis here. Some rabbis say they should support the Neeman Commission’s proposal to create conversion institutes, to be taught by Orthodox, Conservative and Reform instructors — with or without the approval of the Orthodox chief rabbinate.

Gov’t To Move Ahead On Conversions

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Jerusalem — Legitimacy, long sought here by the Reform and Conservative rabbinate, was denied again this week by the Orthodox chief rabbinate, but advanced by the state — leaving the door ajar for a resolution to the religious wars. Despite the chief rabbinate’s strong disapproval of a key element of the Neeman Committee proposal on conversion, two-thirds of the Knesset is expected to endorse the plan this week.

Mordechai: U.S. Students Will Get Masks

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Jerusalem — American students at Israeli universities will get gas masks if a state of emergency is declared, Israeli Defense Minister Yitzchak Mordechai told The Jewish Week after giving similar assurances to the president of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan.

‘All I’m Asking Is For My Son To Be Safe’

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Shya Herman of Riverdale opened the newspaper last week to learn that Israelis were lining up for new gas masks. Upon learning that his son, a student at Bar-Ilan University, did not have one, he called the Israeli Consulate. “All I’m asking is for my son to be safe,” Herman said. “Why doesn’t the university have [gas masks] on campus? “I’m not asking that they be distributed, only that they be nearby. If we can’t be assured of the safety for our son, Aaron, we’re going to bring him home.”
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