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Bhutto And The Jews: A Love Story


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As Pakistan’s prime minister in the mid-1990s, Benazir Bhutto sponsored the fundamentalist Taliban insurgency in neighboring Afghanistan — thereby bringing to power the force that would shelter and defend Osama bin Laden. Bhutto also unstintingly backed Pakistan’s covert nuclear weapons program as a response to the program of arch-rival India, including her country’s decision, while she was opposition leader, to conduct Pakistan’s first nuclear bomb tests in 1998, bringing to fruition the world’s first "Islamic bomb."

Israeli Policy On Iran ‘Paralyzed’

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For Israel this week, it was as if nothing had changed. One week after an official U.S. National Intelligence Estimate effectively shrank to near zero the chances of a Bush administration military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities — or President Bush’s support for an Israeli strike — Israel continued to talk up its feasibility.

Flinging Dirt In Archaeology Dispute


The key organizer of a campaign to deny tenure to a Barnard College professor seen by some as virulently anti-Israel acknowledged this week that her petition against the professor may not have quoted the book completely accurately. Barnard alumna Paula Stern, who now lives in an Israeli settlement community on the West Bank, acknowledged Tuesday that her petition —signed now by more than 2,500 people — incorrectly quotes from Abu El-Haj’s book in charging she is grossly ignorant of Jerusalem geography.

Jewish Shootout Over Arab School


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It was, exulted Middle East Forum executive director Daniel Pipes, a “clarion call” that had gotten “national attention.” No, protested Rabbi Michael Paley: “This was a high-tech lynching.” When Debbie Almontaser resigned under duress last week as principal of a new middle school in Brooklyn emphasizing Arabic language and culture, her departure was, among many things, a victory for a faction of the Jewish community that had waged a months-long battle against the school, its purpose and Almontaser herself.

Israel Seeks To Redefine Victory

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With its war goals constantly in flux, what will constitute victory for Israel’s armed forces in Lebanon? That was the crucial question hanging in the air this week as Israel widened the ground war in its battle against Hezbollah, and its leaders vowed not to stop until victory was attained. With its war goals constantly in flux, what will constitute victory for Israel’s armed forces in Lebanon?

Tel Aviv, We Have Liftoff

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Growing up in Beersheva, Ilan Ramon didn't dream, as little boys in America did in the 1950s and 1960s, of being an astronaut. After all, no Israeli had ever been launched into space. He dreamt of flying, though, and soon learned to soar over his tiny country as a much-decorated Air Force pilot. Now Ramon, 48, will do what he dared not even dream: He will travel into space.

Half-Hour With A Hero

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After years in journalism, interviewing heads of state and religious leaders (and seeing feet of clay on a fair number of both) I don't usually get too jazzed about talking even to the "important" folks. But despite attempts to stay cool and professional, interviewing Col. Ilan Ramon was a plain old thrill. After weeks of requests through the Johnson Space Center's bureaucracy, one September day a press relations person called with the news that I had a half-hour to interview Colonel Ramon the next day.

The Fear Hits Home

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"Will the Arabics throw rocks or bombs at us while we're having recess?" my 6-year-old son asked. His class party in the school sukkah had been canceled, and he wanted to know why. Aryeh's school, located near the heart of Brooklyn's downtown Arab community and in an area where Jews have been targeted by stone-throwers several times in recent weeks, was sufficiently concerned about nighttime security to cancel the party.

A Chill In The D.C. Air as Obama, Netanyahu Meet

Washington Correspondent

Speaking at Monday’s Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Washington, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded very much like a man who didn’t want to antagonize the president he was about to meet under visibly strained circumstances.

Several hours later the White House distributed a meeting “readout” that may have set a new record for brevity. Amid an almost total clampdown on leaks, the statement said only that the two leaders “discussed a number of issues in the U.S.-Israel bilateral relationship” and that President Barack Obama “reaffirmed our strong commitment to Israel’s security, and discussed security cooperation on a range of issues.”


The Two Faces Of Accused Terrorist Jack Teitel

Israel Correspondent

Shvut Rachel, West Bank — When Yaakov Teitel first applied to join this West Bank settlement about a decade ago, the American Jewish immigrant passed the admissions committee with flying colors.
The bachelor computer technician impressed Shvut Rachel’s leaders as a “mensch” with a love of the Land of Israel who was looking to settle down and start a family, said committee member Rabbi Baruch Barron.

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