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PA Anxious As UN Vote Nears

While Israel frets, so too do Palestinians; Tel Aviv nightclub attack a precursor?
08/29/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv — In less than three weeks, Palestinians plan to bring their case for formal statehood recognition to a vote in the United Nations, stoking Israeli fears of international isolation and a new intifada. But as the moment of truth approaches, it appears that Palestinians are just as anxious about the uncertain fallout on the day after.

Israeli police stand near stolen taxi that a Palestinian man slammed into a Tel Aviv club Monday, injuring eight. Getty Images

Israel-Egypt Ties On Ropes In Wake Of Border Attack

Prospects for unraveling of peace treaty seen increasing, though both sides dialing back pressure.
08/22/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv – For decades, Israel’s border with Egypt has been calm, even sleepy. Civilians regularly drive the military patrol road alongside a rusted barbed-wire fence barely standing in the sand dunes, perhaps the best evidence of a peaceful border.

But amid the fallout from a brazen attack by Palestinians along the border that left eight Israelis dead last week, Israeli analysts see the area as a growing threat and are wondering whether Cairo is capable of restoring the calm that existed.

Yosef, a resident of Ashdod’s Zain Quarter, surveys shrapnel damage from a rocket that landed there Friday.

Israel’s Southern Discomfort

Amidst tensions with Egypt, Beersheva rattled by more than 100 rockets from Gaza.
08/22/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Israelis in southern Israel were on edge this week, hoping that a shaky cease-fire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip would hold after terrorists there fired more than 100 rockets into Israel at the end of last week, forcing more than 500,000 Israelis to return repeatedly to their bomb shelters.

Maya Osher, 27, of Beersheva, said her husband was called to reserve duty after a series of coordinated ground and air terrorist attacks, which killed nine Israelis, began last Thursday.

A Grad rocket fired from Gaza landed this week in Beersheva.

Bibi Now Facing Working-Class Anger

As protests push into Israel’s periphery, rank-and-file Likudniks demanding action.
08/15/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

 Beit Shemesh, Israel — Eli Vanunu has been active in Likud politics for 30 years, and in the last election helped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party win in this bedroom community halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Avi Vaknin, a Likud member who backs Netanyahu but believes he will have to adapt to maintain popularity. Joshua Mitnick

In Land Of Milk And Honey, No Money For Cottage Cheese

Behind Israel’s protests is a population struggling to pay the bills.
08/08/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — After taxes, Orit Mizrachi, a secretary, takes home about $1,400 a month, while her husband, a factory worker, takes home about $1,550.

But after buying food and paying their mortgage, taxes, utilities and other expenses each month — shopping only at bargain stores for their three children’s shoes and clothing — it’s “impossible to finish the month in the black,” says Orit, a petite woman in her 40s.

Saturday’s protest in Tel Aviv against the rising cost of living drew an estimated 250,000 people. Getty Images

Israel And PA Share Domestic Headaches

Ahead of UN showdown, both sides face internal protests.
08/01/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Ramallah, West Bank —With less than two months to go before battling for votes on a United Nations resolution on statehood, Palestinian and Israeli officials share a common domestic woe: both have been weakened politically by a homegrown economic uproar.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been grappling for more than two weeks with an escalating revolt of the middle class over the cost of living. Starting with a tent city set up by Tel Aviv young professionals frustrated over high rents, the grass-roots revolt has widened to include students, doctors and teachers.

Crowds estimated at up to 100,000 demonstrated in cities across Israel last weekend. getty images

‘Tent City’ Protests Spread In Demand For More Housing

Tel Aviv site a mix of Tahrir Square and Woodstock as young protesters camp out.
07/18/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Tel Aviv – Orly Weisselberg was looking to move to another apartment in Tel Aviv after her rent was hiked by 20 percent. But when the 29-year old branding professional stumbled across a Facebook event advertisement for a “tent city” protest over surging housing prices last Thursday on Rothschild Boulevard here, she started packing to join the demonstration.

“I can afford [the rent increase], but I decided enough,” she said. “I was so upset that I felt like I needed to do something. Then I saw that [ad], and it was like, bingo.’’

Protestors camped out on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard against the backdrop of the Habima National Theatre complex.

In Israel-Lebanon Tensions, A Sea Change

A 430-mile dispute over maritime border and gas reserves could lead to new conflict with Hezbollah.
07/12/2011 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

 Tel Aviv – Five years after the outbreak of the Lebanon war, a balance of deterrence has kept the Israeli-Lebanon border at its quietest since the 1960s.

But this week it appeared as if the next conflict might already be looming on the horizon at sea as the two countries wrangled over their maritime border and undiscovered gas reserves potentially worth billions of dollars.

Foreign Minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman, accused Iran of meddling in Lebanon's foreign policy.

Orthodox Presence Growing Among Sheikh Jarrah Protestors

`Orthodox’ and `liberal’ not mutually exclusive, say those who oppose Jews moving into east Jerusalem neighborhood.
07/11/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Last month during Shavuot, the holiday where Jews traditionally stay up all night studying Torah, Sharon Goldberg was studying nonviolence. Goldberg, an Orthodox student at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, helped organize a Shavuot panel that discussed whether being religiously observant was consistent with left wing activism.

Friday protests against Jews moving into the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem.

Israel, Turkey Press To Restore Alliance

Diplomatic flurry here in advance of UN report on last year’s deadly flotilla.
07/04/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Israeli and Turkish representatives reportedly met privately here this week to hammer out an agreement — perhaps as early as this week — that would restore their countries’ historic alliance, which was shattered in the winter of 2009 over Turkey’s criticism of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, recently re-elected, is in strong position to strengthen ties with Israel.  getty images
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