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‘People Are Very, Very Afraid’

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The Palestinian rocket attack on the Israeli southern city of Sderot Tuesday evening that wounded at least 17 was the most serious barrage in a long time and may have been designed to unite warring Palestinian factions. By Tuesday, more than 20 Palestinians had been killed in three days of fighting between Fatah and Hamas forces despite several attempts at a truce.

All Eyes Now On Labor Primary

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Tel Aviv — Having survived an early attempt at a putsch within his own party and an immediate outpouring of public protest, Ehud Olmert’s tenure as prime minister now seems to be in the hands of his chief coalition partner, the Labor Party. With the party divided over whether to oust Olmert immediately to satisfy public sentiment or prop up the coalition to avoid early elections likely to crown Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud, all eyes are now fixed on the May 28 Labor leadership primary.

Peretz Seen As Lebanon War Casualty

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Analysts this week had conflicting views of how the Winograd Commission’s report would impact the two leading contenders in the Labor Party’s May 28 election for party leader. But one thing is clear — party leader Amir Peretz may have been fatally hurt in his bid for re-election.

Rich Nation, Poor Nation

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Israel’s proposed $58 billion budget scheduled for government approval Sunday would split the country into two states, one rich and one poor, two prominent Israelis from opposite ends of the political spectrum warned this week.

Israel Surprised By U.S. Criticism

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Israeli officials and analysts expressed surprise and confusion over Bush administration statements this week critical of Israel, with some speculating that the remarks may have been triggered by domestic politics. On Monday, State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said the U.S. was “deeply concerned” about the thousands of Palestinians left stranded by Israel’s decision to close the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza. The Reuters news agency called it “an apparent rare rebuke of the Jewish state.”

Peace Mood Seen High Amid Moves By Egypt

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A series of developments this week suggested that the stage may be getting set for renewed Palestinian-Israeli peace talks even as Palestinians prepared for new elections and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon worked to form a new coalition government.

Nobel Chemistry

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The phone call medical researchers yearn for is the one from Stockholm telling them they have won the Nobel Prize in medicine. When it didn’t come this year to Dr. Avram Hershko, a professor of biochemistry at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, he figured he would just have to wait another year. But two days later on Oct. 6, while he was at a pool with his four granddaughters, his cousin in Jerusalem called his cell phone to say she had just heard on the radio that he had won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Israel-Egypt Ties Thawing

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In a sign that the post-Yasir Arafat era is presenting new opportunities throughout the Middle East, the cold peace that has existed between Israel and Egypt for the last 25 years may be starting to thaw both diplomatically and economically. Israeli and Egyptian leaders used the occasion of a visit by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit to Jerusalem Wednesday to speak about promoting relations between the two countries, according to Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom.

Prospects For Peace Brighten

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As two prominent Palestinian leaders announced plans to seek the presidency of the Palestinian Authority in elections Jan. 9 — one representing the younger generation and the other the “old guard” — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon worked to keep his government in office while vowing to run for re-election should new elections be necessary next spring.

Israel Hoping Arafat Death Will Remove Peace Obstacle

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Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader who brought his people to the brink of statehood only to throw it away on a senseless, four-year reign of terror that claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis, was near death Wednesday in a Paris hospital.
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