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Israelis Brace For A Second Term

Despite their distrust of Obama, Isrealis acknowledge the president’s support for its security.
11/06/2012 - 19:00
Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — The moment President Barack Obama declared victory, Israelis — both pundits and private individuals — began pondering what it could mean for Israel-U.S. relations.

“We want the best for the U.S. because we love the American people, but I hope we won’t need their government because, while I respect Obama, I don’t trust him,” said Michal Yehoshua, a 21-year-old government employee, sipping hot coffee during a break.

Will Israel lose leverage with Obama now that the Jewish vote is no longer an issue? Getty Images

Drawing Lessons From Rabin’s Killing

Born after Rabin’s death, Israeli teens see in assassination the perils of extremism.
11/05/2012 - 19:00

Tel Aviv — About a year before Guy Ben-Simon was born, his parents attended the Tel Aviv rally where Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

It was a night of shock and sadness, they recalled for him while he was growing up. They had called all of their friends, telling those who had not heard that the prime minister had been killed.

“They cried,” said Guy, 16, repeating his parents’ story. “Everyone cried. It was very hard to unite after that because something bad had happened.”

Rabin shaking hands with the Jordan’s King Hussein (Bill Clinton looks on) during Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty talks in 1994.

Israel Declassifies Soldier's Account Of Killing PLO Leader

11/01/2012 - 20:00


Israel’s military censor authorized for publication the testimony of an army officer who said he killed PLO cofounder Abu Jihad in 1988.

Nahum Lev, the commander of the operation which ended in Abu Jihad’s death in Tunis, told a reporter for Yedioth Ahronoth in an interview before his own death in 2000 that he had killed Abu Jihad, who cofounded the Palestine Liberation Organization. 

Lev died in a car accident. The censor only recently lifted a ban on publication, and the interview appeared in Friday's paper.

Bibi Taking A Hard Right?

By merging with Lieberman, Netanyahu challenges left and casts lot with right.
10/31/2012 - 20:00

Tel Aviv — Political pundits have long debated who is the real Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi and Avigdor Lieberman

Getting Out The Expat Vote

Americans in Israel are a natural, though small, constituency for Romney. Can their vote make a difference in a battleground state?
10/31/2012 - 20:00
Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — By all accounts they are a seemingly negligible constituency.

Workers from iVote Israel assist expat voters in preparing ballots for the U.S. general election.

Settlers Battle Security Forces During Outpost Razing

Police, IDF forces evacuated HaSruga near Yitzhar early Thursday morning
10/31/2012 - 20:00

Israeli settlers rioted and battled security forces during the razing of a West Bank outpost.

The settlers threw stones and rolled burning tires at police and Israel Defense Forces soldiers during the early Thursday morning evacuation of the HaSruga outpost located near the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, south of Nablus.

Some settlers reportedly also entered Palestinian villages in the area.

U.S. Sprinter Inspires Tel Aviv's Runners

Track and field star Allyson Felix does a night-time 10K with 20,000 other runners.
10/30/2012 - 20:00

U.S. track and field star Allyson Felix, who won three gold medals at the Summer Olympics in London this year, is currently visiting Tel Aviv, where she took part in the city's Nike Night Run on Tuesday, Israel Hayom reported.

“I’m extremely excited about coming to Israel for the Nike Night Run,” Felix said in a statement before her trip. “I hope I can inspire the runners of Tel Aviv to not only give their best, but to beat their best, just like I did this summer in London.”

Tel Aviv runners welcomed gold medalist Allyson Felix. Wikimedia Commons

New Outposts Built In West Bank

Settlements First To Have Municipal Approval Since 2005
10/30/2012 - 20:00

Two new settler outposts have been erected in the West Bank, with the approval of municipal authorities, Peace Now says.

The two outposts include mobile homes, infrastructure, electricity, water and roads, and even air conditioning, the Israeli organization said Wednesday in a report published on its website.

Long-range Rockets Strike Beersheba

Missiles fired from Gaza close schools but cause no damage
10/27/2012 - 20:00

Two long-range Grad rockets struck Beersheba and two Kassam rockets landed in an open area in southern Israel, threatening a three-day truce.

Israel's Air Force also targeted and hit a rocket launching site and a squad preparing to fire a rocket towards southern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

Schools were closed throughout Beersheba Sunday, following the Grad rocket attack at about 5:30 a.m. The rockets fell in an open area and caused no damage, according to reports.

Hebrew University Loses Einstein Image Rights

10/23/2012 - 20:00

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has lost the right for exclusive and commercial use of Albert Einstein's image.

Hebrew University is the beneficiary of Einstein's estate. Wikimedia Commons
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